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Vault of Jel'va

A prison of sorts, the Vault of Jel'va is a place of Evil. A place of evil, run by evil, to keep evil contained.   Named after Jel’va, a sadist devil who was quite fond of torture, the Vault was using torturous pain to power the pocket dimension. It also created soul gems that could be used to power evil magic items (strong necrotic aura). Many powerful creatures from across the planes were locked away but was mainly powered by the suffering of the mindless body of Khaylin Cirdanas.   Jel'va made a deal with the drow Urthadar. Jel'va gave him the soul-stealing magic. In return, Urthadar was to be the warden of the Vault. Because Khaylin was to fuel the Vault, it was fitting that his discblade was to act as the key.
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