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The former assistant to Ardura , this drow wizard and former fleshcrafter helped Ardura to ambush her husband Khaylin . Once his soul had been trapped, Urthadar took possession of the soulless husk and performed experiments on it to create a powerful weapon for Ardura.   The other drow families got to him and forced Urthadar to turn on his mistress. He used the same ritual to remove her soul from her body. The weapon he had been building for her would be turned over to whichever drow family offered him the most. Unfortunately the weapon grew too powerful to control and Urthadar was forced to make a deal with a devil to keep the beast trapped. The devil put Urthadar in charge of the Vault of Jel'va with the agreement being he would be given immortality. In return, he would capture victims and use their tortured blood to keep the Beast contained.   Urthadar agreed on the condition that Ardura's soul gem be kept with him in the Vault. He feared her escaping the imprisonment and wanted to keep a close eye on her. He kept this agreement until he was slain by the Guardians of Golarion. The soul gem, however, was stolen by the drow.
Current Location
Tired, bright blue, and bloodshot eyes
Long white hair
165 lbs
Ruled Locations