Ardura Tor'lyn

Empress Ardura Tor'lyn

Ardura Tor'lyn had always been a leader. Once a princess of the Elves, then a former leader of the drow. She had also become a cleric of the entity known as the Dark Lady and former wife of Khaylin Cirdanas.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Ardura had been a princess who refused to leave with the other elves when Earthfall was coming.
  • Instead, with the sa'har master Khaylin Cirdanas, she traveled deep below the ground into what had become known as the Darklands. The sa'har had established an Umbral Temple there. Using it as a haven, Ardura had hoped to ride out the disaster above until it was safe to return to the surface.
  • Dark forces began corrupting the elves, eventually turning them into what became known as the drow.
  • Demon lords began whispering to the drow. Rovagug influenced some. But Ardura's mind was touched by an entity calling herself the Dark Lady.
  • The Dark Lady bestowed great power on her, making Ardura his scion. She used her ability to help conquer more land and fortified what she already possessed. Ardura gave herself the title of Empress, and it stuck.
  • The drow, influenced by their demonic patrons, felt threatened by her increasing power. Ardura was ambushed and her soul was taken from her body and placed in a soulgem. When Urthadar went to the Vault of Jel'va, he took the soulgem with him to ensure she would never escape. He feared her wrath, as he had been the one to betray her.
  • Ardura’s body was petrified and believed to be destroyed. Instead, it became the statue of luck that Saul Vankaserin ended up displaying in his gaming hall, the Gold Goblin.
  • When Lasdolon revived her body, her mind was child-like and innocent. Lasdolon wanted to keep her in that condition. Knowing she would be too powerful for him to control, he wanted to keep her body and her soul separate.
  • In the Vault of Jel’va, Ardura and Lasdolon worked alongside the Guardians of Golarion and confronted Urthadar. During the ensuing combat, Ardura became terrified and tried to flee. When the escape elevator came down, a large black ooze was on the platform and engulfed her. Her soul remained within the gem, which the drow quickly relocated for safekeeping.


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Ardura Tor'lyn


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