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Hugo Powerfist (a.k.a. Classic)

Hugo. Classic Hugo. He might not be the most socially engaging sort, but he's wicked smart and comes through in clutch situations.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While not phyically strong, Hugo is remarkably agile. His desire is sometimes held back by various physical limitations.

Body Features

He's pale, with various scars from experiments gone wrong. He wears the Hellfire Gauntlet on his right hand. His left has only a thumb and pinky finger.

Facial Features

An explosion of red curly hair, no eyebrows.

Identifying Characteristics

Hellfire Gauntlet

Physical quirks

Having only the two fingers on one hand makes things like climbing rather difficult.

Apparel & Accessories

The Hellfire Gauntlet creates his bombs and other alchemical infusions. It seems to have other powers as well, which Hugo continues to try and unlock.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hugo does not speak of his family name. He feels they are not held in high regard. His uncle was his mentor and is a chemist, but his uncle slowly descended into madness. Hugo never noticed because he lived with him. His uncle believed Hugo, who is brilliant, could become the greatest chemist in history. He shut Hugo in and they worked together all day everyday.   When Hugo was exposed to the "alchemist" style, he was hooked. He dreamed of being a hero, like he'd read about, and sees this as his only opportunity.

Personality Characteristics


Hugo wants to be a hero, despite his physical limitations.


Contacts & Relations

  • Cleff and Rissa Tinkertop - Gnome father and daughter. Rissa worked in the mines near their home of Hupperdook. Her father, Cleff, was a tinkerer who worked in his store "Tinkertop Inventions".
  • Baros Alexston - Human artificer with an air of nobility and culture around him.

Family Ties

His parents seemed to have long given up on him. His uncle, Jutrios, still searches for the boy. Whether it is for him or for the artifact he wears in place of the hand he lost is uncertain.

Social Aptitude

Socially awkward. Was never raised around people and had limited human interaction as he grew up. When someone shows interest he tends to attach himself to them.
Current Location
Current Residence
Red and curly
145 lbs
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Carrot Top

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