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Telith Nordhof

Telith Nordhof

  • An aasimar cleric of Iomedae.
  • Sent by Sir Rhistel and Lady Ginona. Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae traveled to Valor Keep to inform her friends that Master Baretto had been killed. When they learned that Sir Godric was facing the man who killed Master Baretto and had suffered losses of his own, they chose to send one of their more promising acolytes. Shevala will teleport him to Crying Leaf to aid Sir Godric.
  • Had a vision of the fight against the dark elves.
  • His parents are poor farmers from the nearby town of Bistrita. The parents are Stefan and Maria Nordhof. 

Personality Characteristics


Aid Sir Godric in preventing the Second Darkness.

Aasimar cleric of Iomedae.

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