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Twilight Empire

The Twilight Empire is a political entity that dominates the northern region of Xarzhani. Much of the lands of the Twilight Empire are covered in dark clouds that blot out the sun due to the powerful artifact in Nighthold.


The Mage-Queen rules over all, but several houses hold positions of prominence within her court. This is done mostly to appease their hunger for power, and as a gesture to build alliances. Some say that the Mage-Queen is simply following the adage: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer."

Public Agenda

Before the Age of Darkness over ten thousand years ago, Ardura Tor'lyn and several other elves led their people beneath the surface of Golarion to avoid the devastation of Starfall. She and the others refused to flee Golarion like many of their brethren did. Now, Olina Tor'lyn planned to bring her people back to the surface and reclaim what was rightly theirs.


The Twilight Empire has amassed, over the centuries, a treasure hoard that would make the mightiest dragon blush.


The Twilight Empire was originally an elite drow mercenary group with branches involving assassination and espionage as well as mercenary work. They were founded hundreds of years ago, and were led by Lasdolon Azrinae, primarily based in Nighthold as well as Zirnakaynin in the Darklands. However, after Lasdolon was slain by the Guardians of Golarion there was a power vacuum. Leaders from various branches started a civil war within the empire to wrest power from each other.   When the dust settled and the blood stopped flowing, Olina Tor'lyn stood atop the pile of bodies and declared herself Mage-Queen. She began a restructuring of the organization, turning it into a political movement rather than a strictly military force. All the power amassed to this point would be used to build and expand, as well as protect what they had. They would reclaim what had once been theirs over ten millennia ago - the surface world.

Demography and Population

The Twilight Empire is composed of humans, but with a surprising number of drow as well. There are also a number of other races, but it is the drow who holds most positions of authority. Any non-drow who have made their way to the top have most likely done so by the sweat on their brow and the blood on their hands. Slavery is common and is one of their more common exports, mostly with the Darklands.


The Circle of Blood

  The Circle of Blood is considered the Assassination branch of the Twilight Empire. Their numbers are small enough to sustain themselves independently of the actions of the Twilight Empire. They are the most clandestine, most secretive members of the organization. They are led by a mysterious figure named Obri Jinn. It is unknown what Obri Jinn looks like, or even the race or sex of the individual. Members of the Circle of Blood bear the mark of the organization. However, they do not make their association known to the rest of the Twilight Empire unless it is absolutely necessary.In the past, the Circle of Blood has been used against members of the Twilight Empire as a way of culling those with questionable loyalties, or those who have betrayed the Empire. This is why so few members of the Circle of Blood refuse to make their allegiance known to others.  

The Circle of Shadows

  The Circle of Shadows served as an elite squad of enforcers that executed the will of their master, Lasdolon Azrinae. The Circle of Shadows were neither Sa'har nor Draakyl, but a new generation of void magic users that emerged to fill the role of a private security detail for Lasdolon. They had a sort of code, which they were flexible in following: living life the way they wanted, taking what the world gave them and consuming what the darkness sent them.
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