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Land of Black Blood

The Land of Black Blood is the name given to a vast cavern whose walls are coated in a black ooze known as Black Blood. Located deep deep within the Darklands realm of Orv, this region has long been fought over, but no one civilization has ever been able to establish dominance.  

The Black Blood

Chilling to the touch, this viscous, black liquid innately repels most forms of life. Coveted for its latent necromantic power, only the mad or insane willingly collect and use black blood.  


A race of half-amphibian savages, the charda, are the only indigenous species to live in the Land of Black Blood. Cowardly beings, these creatures thrive in the Black Blood, living off foul frogs and fish. If confronted, charda prefer to retreat, hoping to catch their enemies unaware and drag them to their dooms.   A huge neothelid, known as the Moldering Emperor lives within an immense forest of mushrooms and other fungi called the Hanging Forest.   Cloakers are known to directly or indirectly serve the Moldering Emperor. The roost where most cloaker tribes reside is a mushroom forest, from whence they gather fungi suitable for making potions.   Tribes of cloakers, driders, derro, amphibious humanoids (the charda), exiled fiends and genies are known to harvest the Black Blood to sell to ghouls, liches, and necromancers.
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