Queen Telandia

Telandia Edasseril

Born to rule a people who embrace freedom as one of their highest ideals, Telandia Edasseril labors every day to keep her subjects from bursting off into a thousand different directions in pursuit of ten thousand competing schemes. She knows that only a handful of her subjects possess the breadth and vision to think of the nation as a whole rather than the agenda of whatever faction happens to capture their fancy. Though often frustrated that her people sometimes act more like spoiled children than nearly immortal beings, she loves them and willingly sacrifices her happiness for their benefit.   Like all elves, Telandia adapts to her surroundings and circumstances. As she is one of the most gifted falconers in Kyonin (not to mention psychically linked to a hawk), over time she has come to develop many characteristics of a bird of prey. She prefers to wait and observe, figuratively circling overhead, until her opponents commit themselves to a particular course of action, at which point she swoops in for the kill. Though many see her policy of establishing increasing contact with the younger races outside of Kyonin as dangerously progressive—epitomized by her establishment of the mixed-race town of Greengold and the library-fortress of Minas Amer within Kyonin’s borders— Telandia stands firm in her belief that if the elves are to survive and thrive, they must stake a place in the new and fast-paced world around them.   Telandia regards finding a suitable father for her child and heir as simply one more sacrifice she must make for her people. Determined to avoid the political entanglements of taking on a husband or consort, and hoping to send a message of unity and reconciliation to the Forlorn, her secret ideal candidate would come from outside the kingdom. For now, however, Telandia firmly rebuffs all attempts to court her and treasures the half-hour each day her schedule permits her to spend in hawk form, soaring above Kyonin wingtip to wingtip with her familiar Nyranin, the closest thing she’s yet experienced to true love.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Something about this slender elf woman’s steely gaze and regal bearing makes her seem more like a portrait somehow brought to life than a person. The tracery of thin talon scars across her left cheek actually manages to accentuate rather than diminish her presence, giving her remote and austere beauty a needed splash of imperfection. Wearing snow-white robes and a floral crown that appears fashioned from sprouting vines and crystal, she conducts herself with a stately and vaguely predatory grace that commands respect from all those around her.

Personality Characteristics


Queen Edasseril cuts a regal figure and dedicates herself fully to her freedom-loving subjects. Though technically possessing sovereign power over the elven people, Queen Edasseril rules with a gentle touch. She willingly (though not always eagerly) sacrifices her own desires and resources to the protection of Kyonin and its citizens, but her only true happiness is her brief moments with her hawk familiar Nyranin. She currently seeks a suitable husband but is cautious not to get entangled in the typical political maelstrom that this can create.


Social Aptitude

The Queen's policies are remarkably progressive, at least by elvish standards, and she has made moves to break the isolationism which characterizes the nation. Though true reforms are still to be formulated, the construction of the town of Greengold is a major step in her goal. Her vision has attracted many idealistic young elves to her cause. Despite her popularity, however, she is cautious in all her political maneuvers as she still relies upon the support of her advisers and nobles, many of whom, most notably the Winter Council, do not approve of her radical thinking. Currently, internal politics are creating complications between Queen Edasseril and the traditionalist Winter Council.
Current Location
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