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Chakos Virin was a distinguished sa'har consular in the Sa'har Order, living during the era preceding Earthfall over ten thousand years ago. As the elves faced the cataclysm of Earthfall, some chose to leave Golarion while others sought refuge underground. Amidst this chaos, Chakos tapped into the ancient power of the akasha to craft a pyramoid pocket dimension, a sanctuary where he hoped to find solace and immortality. He concealed this pyramoid within the library of Celwynvian, altering time within to grant himself endless life as long as he remained within his creation.  

Fall of the Sanctuary

However, peace was not to last. A malevolent entity named Lasdolon, wielding a corrupted void pyramoid, managed to breach Chakos' demiplane. This invasion caused severe disruptions in the delicate balance of the akashic and dark tapestries, leading to the slow unraveling of Chakos' world. Severed from stable connections but with lingering damage, his sanctuary began to succumb to the encroaching darkness of the dark tapestry, turning his refuge into a prison and his immortality into a curse.  

Second Chance

In a twist of fate, the Guardians of Golarion stumbled upon remnants of Lasdolon’s belongings at Thorn's End, including an old humanoid construct of Azlanti design, missing its power source. Recognizing it as a relic weapon once used against his people, Chakos saw a grim opportunity. He instructed Reh, a member of the Guardians, to embed his pyramoid within the construct’s chest cavity. Upon activation, the construct's arcane systems interfaced with the pyramoid, allowing Chakos' spirit to seize control. Although not a true body, this construct offered him an escape from the disintegrating void consuming his demiplane.  

Current Endeavors

Now housed within a fading construct, Chakos Virin traveled with adventurers, driven to find a more sustainable, life-like form. Working under the magic broker Zephyr, he continued to seek a solution that might restore him to a semblance of his former self, all while hiding his true nature and mastering his new existence as part machine, part elf, and all sa'har warrior.
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