Chakos Vrinn was a sa'har consular in the Sa'har Order who lived during the time before Earthfall. When some elves fled Golarion and others made their way underground, Chakos used his power of the akasha and created a pyramoid pocket dimension. He then hid the pyramoid within the Celwynvian library and entered his own little world. Time was altered within the pyramoid, giving Chakos immortality as long as he remained within the construct.   Through manipulation of the akashic tapestry using a corrupted void pyramoid, Lasdolon attempted to invade Chakos’ demiplane. He was able to do so, but at great cost to Chakos. The connection between worlds, the akashic tapestry and the dark tapestry, cause Chakos’ demiplane to slowly unravel. Even after the connection was severed, the damage continued. Chakos watched helplessly as his world began to be consumed by the darkness of the dark tapestry. His sanctuary had become a prison. His immortality had become a death sentence  

Second Chance


The Guardians of Golarion traveled to Thorn's End and came across some of Lasdolon’s personal effects - journals, notes, and various items he had accumulated over the years. One of those items was an old humanoid construct which turned out to be of azlanti design. The power source had been removed from the chest. Chakos recognized the type of construct as a weapon the azlanti humans had used against the elves in the time before Earthfall. Despite his history with the weapon, Chakos saw it as a chance to escape his demise. Or at least, it could give him a fighting chance. He told Reh to place the pyramoid in the construct’s chest. She did so, and the construct’s arcane programming took over. It began to interface with the pyramoid, and the spiritual essence of Chakos was able to take control of the construct. It wasn’t his body, but it was an escape from essentially disappearing into the void that continued to consume his demiplane.
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