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The Joharan Consulate (Jo-haar-ah)

The Joharan Consulate is one of Gaia's World Powers and a nation of the continent of Sahandra. It encompasses the Consular Desert, to the Misty Thicket, from The Stand of Giants. The Joharana Consulate is a heavily magical nation that embraces both Technology and Magic.  
"Despite how barren most of the country is, This remains one of the few National Powers on Sahandra. I mean,l they host the Guild of Lore, how can it not!?"
~Varin Sylphier, Half-elven Adventurer


The Nation of Johara is a nation led by scientific knowledge and magical knowledge. The Entire nation is run by the Consulate, which is a large group of advisors that meet together within the Capitol. They discuss and pass laws that would help the country as a whole. They take the Guild of Lore into consideration, as the guild is a very presteigous organization that had technically created the nation the people know to this day.


Most Joharans are skilled in Technology and /or Magic. The society reflects a lot upon the advancement and sharing of knowledge. It is a great place for sages to call home and those who seek to learn as much as they can in any field of technology or magic, namely technomancy. Johara produces Gaia's most Technomancers and Tinkerers. The Adventurer's Guild recognizes both of these skillsets as a 'class' in which to designate an adventurer.   The Consular desert has native humans that are often equipped at fighting invading forces. The Iksamas Desert is on the other side of the Gailos Ravine, and the warbands do launch raids into Johara's territories. The native warriors  are usually fighting them off and defending important and high traffic areas, namely around the Intercontil Highway. Its worth to note, that not all Zenthian warbands are hostile if they cross the ravine. Some could be refugees, or a group of Zenthians wishing to get away from the constant fighting and survival in Zenthia Iksamas.


The Joharan Consulate was a small scientific conclave that first experimented with magic and technological processes, and how the two can be combined into one force. The Guild of Lore was borne of this pursuit, and has since gained a huge following, which in turn boosted the infrastructure and organization of the once nomadic wanderers that made up the country. The nomadic tribes had since settled on the edge of the Misty thicket, within the welcoming embrace of the Conclave of the Guild of Lore. Overtime, the city grew around them, with new people seeking to join or preserve the guild of Lore's ideology. It has since become a scholastic commonwealth of many people and small tribes that recognize the Consulate as their guides. The city then flourished into the behemoth it is this day. Being the go to location for many refugees in the area of Gaia.

Demography and Population

The Joharan Consulate is known to host what is known as a "Free Haven" policy that applies to refugees. In its unique position in Gaia, it attracts many people who are tired of war and destruction, who in turn wish to preserve the history and record the cultures of their homelands. They get a large influc of Zenthians who flee from the anarchy that is ruling over the other side of the Galios Ravine.   There are also a mix of Isarians that also flock here, both Celestial and Sasslisian. The Joharan Internal Affairs is well aware of the animosity between the two types of Isarians. There are also a few Domingo who also flee here that are deemed too weak to serve Dominas. This makes the Consulate wary of Tensions between the three races when tempers flair. However all three are known to show Unity under the quiet yet well known 'Isarian Unification League". A small yet noisy protesting group of the internal wars between Sassliss, the Celestial mandate and Dominas, to unify as a Greater Isaria. The Consulate has granted thier members sanctuary in favor of preserving the unique cultures there, and that of the Domingo, an artificial race that was created for war.


The Main body of population resides in the North-eastern part of Johara. There are many tribes and small towns that since dot the Consular Desert, usually along the Intercontil Highway. Aside from airship traffic, vehicular travel is commonplace along this highway, to connect the rest of the nation to the capitol and it's many subjects.  

The Intercontil Highway

The Intercontil highway is an ancient highay that was built across Sahandra for the Combined Empire's infrastructure. This is a massive system of highways that acts as the main throughfare on foot to all the settlements and cities and places of interest in Johara and beyond into Sahandra. However not all of the road is uncovered yet, as many places of it are still under excavation, and a part of it goes through Zenthia Iksamas, a land always in a state of strife and war with itself. The Highway for the most part has been uncovered in Consular, while parts of it further West are still buried and undiscovered.   The Intercontil Highway once had a mag-lev system running in the middle of it for almost short commute times. This part of the highway was known as the Skyway, which had two levels of mag-lev tracks that led theoretically led to every Major Combine Settlement and locations along the span of the highway. This highway remains the largest highway and piece of infrastructure ever to exist on Gaia, rivaled only by the Infinity Towers, which are thought to be a system of Space-Elevators to an Elysium Ring that once surrounded the planet. A fun fact, If this Elysium ring is discovered to be true, it would instantly surpass the Highway as the largest piece of infrastructure ever constructed in the history of Gaia.

Forward with Innovation!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Johara, the Consulate.
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
The Gold Coin
Major Exports
Magic Regants, Crystal Storage Drives
Major Imports
Electronics, Telecommunication Equipment
Legislative Body
The Consulate
Judicial Body
The Consulate
Executive Body
Joharan Internal Affairs
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

Non-Agression pact

The Mandate does not appreciate a 3rd nation luring it's fighters with honey'd words of Diplomatic Sanctuary. The Fight has to be done on Chanxqi, and not Sahandra.

Supports Independance

Dominas does not appreciate appropriation of its warriors for efforts to end a generations old ideology war. They are slaves fighting to be amongst the free people of Gaia. However Johara's granting of DOmingo Propagandists Sanctuary , has their approval.

Uneasiness, Dubious

Facing a Magical equal, the Sasslisian Imperium has recognized Johara as an equal on the terms of tech and Magic levels. It would be a disastrous to go to war with such an equal foe.

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