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Consular, The City of Enlightenment (Kon-su-laar)

Consular is the capital city of the Joharan Consulate on Sahandra. It is the known Headquarters for the world-renown Guild of Lore. The city is in a arid landscape that is part of the Consular Desert, it's namesake.  
"Consular is a city that many scholars flock to. A city of Science and Memoria. We are also the only city outside of Zenthia Iksamas that has a measurable population of the often misunderstood Zenthians. Our city is ancient, as it is the center of most of our knowledge." ~Chronicler Shoree Shapiro


Consular is a semi-technocracy led by a chamber of Scholars known as The Consulate. The More appropriate term for this city's government would be a Scholastic Commonwealth as democracy is important. The Lower to High class pas ballots to a preselected group of people whom are deemed worthy to help lead the Joharan Consulate into the future of innovation, history, and record-keeping.     Consular heavily marries magic into technology, All the ruling parties either show aptitude in technology and Magic, usually with a 50/50 dividend of who has backgrounds in such fields. They key is they must be born Joharan, there are no foreigners allowed on the Consulate.


Consular is a remnant city of the Combined Empire, so the legends say. They rely on Magic and technology for most of their infrastructure and varying ways to traverse the city. The most famous of this infrastructure is the Monorail, which is led by a never seen-before liquid crystal engine. This Monorail is almost quiet and travels to the heaviest areas of the city in a short amount of time, carrying many passengers.   Other forms are airships, small gondola airships that travel location to location in the city. This is the most effective way to travel, as these gondola airships can almost fit in anywhere. Magic as a primary mode of transportation, is seen more of a convenience over a necessity.


The biggest and most popular of districts in Consular is the Guild of Lore complex itself. It towers over the city, and is in perfect balance with the Consulate's Counsul Chambers. There has been talks of combining the two to make the building into a pseudo arcology of science, history, and learning. The city uses this as the city center of thier entire city, and most roads will depart from the Plaza of History, to other parts of the city. To the Resdiential Districs, to the industrial districts, and even to the GFround Level, where the lower-level wealth people reside.      

The Plaza of History

The Plaza of History is the City Center and festive Square of Consular. It serves as the Guild of Lore's Atrium and entry, and where people from all walks of life within the city gather. This plaza is adorned and decorated deserving of a grand festive plaza. A statue of a Dragon Resides in the middle of it.  
"Lady Veshan Medari... This ancient dragon is held in high regards to the City and Guild. Part of the Mythical Medari Bloodline that Dragons consider royal. She was our Founder."
~Headmaster Ferian Sonothin, Muses on the Gold Dragon.

Lady Veshan Medari

  The Lady Veshan, as known to outsiders, was the dragon founder of the Guild of Lore. She remains entombed at the Necropolis under the Guild of Lore after her mysterious passing. Her death was mourned all over Sahandra. The Statue within the Square of Plaza of History glorifies her attempted unification of Man, Mer, and Beast under the banner of Science.

Guilds and Factions

The Guild of Lore is headquartered in this city, and remains the crown jewel of the City and the nation. It houses the history of the Known world within it's archives and is one of the most guarded places in Gaia. They go by the philosophy of keeping History relevant to the future, so they are not doomed to repeat past travesties. The Consulate employs one of the Historians of the Guild of Lore as an advisor.


Consular started out as a former Combined Science lab that has since turned an eye to magic and technology being married through Technomancy. It was also one of the few stable cities in the region at the time. It's also a border to the Misty Thicket, and the Start of the Intercontil Highway, that leads across the entire continent. This Highway, was lost to history and buried before parts of it were excavated and restored to glory. This led to the Birth of the Guild of Lore and it's desire to learn and store history of cultures and people of all of Gaia, so a repeat of the Combined Empire's fall is not done. Consular simply grew from that point by common and like-minded folk that favored innovation and briliance, making it into a tech-savvy magic city that is highly respected in Gaia due to its mission and contribution to the preservation of all things Gaian.

Zenthian Innovators

As a border state to Zenthian Iksamas, and it's anarchist warbands. The city has served as a bastion away from that way of life to any Zenthians who wish a life different from warring tribes and warriors. The race is untrusted by many due to their sub-feral fallback, and their general history of once conquering the entire continent in the name of sport. These Innovators have also helped shape Consular into what it turned into. Zenthians are outcasts, however they do find friends and common interests amongst the populations once their mold is broken. In fact the Guild of Lore has employed many of the Zenthians as seekers and scholars. Sometimes they even serve as the guild's muscle should it be needed.  
"Many misunderstand the Zenthians as a feral warrior race that wishes nothing but blood and death in the name of combat. However those who want no part of their traditions often become 'tamed' or 'domesticated' and are often used as insults towards those who followed our way, over theĀ  way of War. "
~Seeker Zala Vereik, human Guild Seeker
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1320 AS
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