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Zenthia Iksamas

Zenthia Iksams is the country or law-lessness and wilds that lays next to the Joharan Consulate, across the Galios Ravine. This is a nation that lays claim to the entire Iksamas Desert.  
"North of the Galios Ravine, lays the lawless lands of Zenthia Iksamas, A land where the strongest survive and those less fortunate are either killed, banished or trying to flee. There is however some idea of a nation inside that wasteland, but the love of bloodlust and killing has overpowered many. It reminds me of what my people fell into what they wanted to do."
~Scholar Tsseeka Chiith, Rathari Seeker, Consular


The Land is anarchy. However the 'ruler' is often the one who controls the Infinityu Tower in the region and not the former Capitol of Zentharis. Hundred of thousands of warband are competing for this role as it is survival of the fittest. It's a land of Backstabbing, shows of power and massacres. This land is often treated as off limits to every other country that interacts with them.   It is worth to note that not all Zenthians have the same point of view, as some actively try to restore order, some operate independently, or simply outright Flee into neighboring Johara. Sadly, the reputation usually proceeds any zenthian looking to step away from thier norm, and are often seen as scum or pests.


Its all about War, their culture. ho can kill the most, who can capture the most. And of course how long can one keep a prize from the paws of another Zenthian and their warbands. Martial prowess is all that matter. the sickly are to be put down, as are the weak. The weak often finding quick ends in their rugged lifestyles. Rarly one of the ill-fit Zenthians can find refuge within ones that actually care, and if they are not bullied into giving up a crippled or weak Zenthian.   Those who do not agree with the anarchy use thier martial background to try an introduce any form of order so that the nation could become something other than just a cesspool of fighting. Zenthians without warbands are often seen as weak and pathetic, as politicians do not exist simply because any form of law and order is shunned upon it's mention.


The History of the land is often considered where the Combined Empire had originated from and built. Very few scholars are able to enter and leave alive to reporting findings of their missions. Due to the presence of the Infinity Tower and other Combined Ruins in the lands, this land is sworn to be where the capitol of Atalantia is located, the old and ancient Combined Capitol city. This would be a crown jewel if this were discovered to be true and would mostly likly change the history of the region from where it currently is, to something else, and the Zenthians will not take it lightly.

Technological Level

The Nation's technology field is an interesting mix of late medieval and early modern. The Majority of Zenthians love to use bladed weapons, however the hunters have been known to use modern firearms. It would really depend on what technology can be recreated easily by a dedicated Zenthian. The technology that is overall within the nation it self is middle Modern, akin to electricity and and heat and air. Clean water must be retreived by wells or one of the very few Desalinization plants that exist on the coast.

Foreign Relations

Almost every nation within the continent of Sahandra considers this land a wasteland of waste and full of unwanted life. There has been no wars declared upon them due to the chaotic state of how the region rules itself. It is simply not worth their time or effort to unleash the chaos that is the Zenthian political system and their ways of life. The stories carried on from those who escaped or seen the life here is all they ned to know that it's a pandora's box that is best left unopened and allowed to stir by itself.  
"A land of scum and murderous carnivores that enjoy nothing but the smell of death and blood. To me they shall die in the life they love to embrace, and that is by my gun or swords."
~Senetta Longior, Adventurer
Founding Date
3 AS
Geopolitical, Tribe
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