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Zenthian (Zehn-thee-an)

The Zenthian people are a beastkin race of mamallian origin. They are hard to describe to many, as they are canine-like, yet borrow features from reptiles. They are a known ferocious race that can only be described as 'borderline feral'. The race has gotten a bad rap by others who have been exposed to them.

Global Reception

"The Zenthians... A war-loving race that has made their existence out of kiling, plundering, and raping others. They are a parasite on Gaian life."
~Adventurer Damien Desloue, human denizen of Coral Harbor
  However, there are some who also sympathize with them, at least those trying to reform themselves. Either they were war-loving or seeking to get away from it all, they are subject to racial disrespect and often are shunned, or discriminated against.  
"There are a few out there who want to get away from it all, and how the people treat these poor souls is disgusting. They wish to live just like the rest of us! give them a chance!"
~Innkeep Mary-Lou Cauldrohallow, Human of Consular
Consular has been the place where the majority of the Zenthians feel at home, as the city rarely disrespect or discriminates against them, However elsewhere in the world, the Zenthians are not viewed with friendly thoughts. Some who get away from the Iksamas desert are subject to hate crimes against their kind, in fear that they will bring death and feral-slaughter to where these people live. This usually drives refugees to form their own tight-knit communities with fellow zenthian refugees, for protection, which only furthers the myth of their tendencies.  
"Why is it where we go the world hates our kind, What the warbands do, back home, they aren't us, we aren't them! Please, let us live in peace, a chance to be free and without worry!"
~Auth aea Makerah, Zenthian rights Activist, Mythia.

Basic Information


The Zenthian is a slender yet tall and furry race of canine/chimera humanoids. They stand digitgrade with muscular legs, a long and powerful tail with a fur tuft at its tip, a long snout and large pointed ears. They have claws on thier feet and hands, and have a few fangs in their maw. Their eyes are almost draconic like, slitted in a variety of colors, however not exactly like a dragons. Their fur is shaggy, and usually comes in colors of tan, orange, cobalt, and red, and could have fur coats of varying colors and patterns. They give off the appearance of a feral carnivore, which adds to thier distrust seen by many.

Growth Rate & Stages

A zenthian's life cycle is surprisingly long for how they live, but their expectancy is low. Zenthian kits are usually able to go alone on their own by the age of ten to twelve. This is due to an interesting background on the race, which has marred their vision to others. Few Zenthians live to see themselves make fifty years old. However only the refugees seem to attin this, but there have been zenthians that lived well past their expectancy in Zenthia Iksamas.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Zenthians live together as warbands, usually families are born into these warbands or press-ganged into them during raids. They see martial prowess as the ultimate gift, and nothing can be better. The females usually pressure more than the males, however gender-roles are equal, historically females have been seen more leaving lasting impressions behind.   They see physical and mental disability as a crime, and often execute those who were not perfect. Those who are sickly, are often discarded or first to die in training. They are simply not allowed to exist as they are seen as an insult to Zenthian superiority. Simply put, if you can not prove you're fit to kill, you a re a waste of time and resources, thus need to be discarded or removed from the society. What counts as what simply falls to the Warband Leader.   The largest trophy means you are the best, these warbands fight over the infamous Infinity Tower to hold it as a trophy against the rest of the warbands. It's simply the biggest jewel on the crown as compared to the other high-value trophies that are in the desert. They are too preoccupied fighting each other that they rarly send raids into Johara, however it has been done several times in the past, and they were often beaten back by the military or adventurers.

Average Intelligence

They are a very intelligent race, however they seem to fall back onto a feral style more so. They have the knowledge to live as a nation, yet they just simply don't follow that path. To put things into perspective, there has been a handful of Zenthian Scholars that graduated out of Consular, even Joharan born Zenthians are sitting on the Consulate. Their mastery of technology and salvaging puts them at rival with the famous Klithzi Kobolds for their adaptability and engineering prowess.  The race has the potential to be erudite, but they simply do not desire to, or follow the path to that state of knowledge.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Zenthians are excellent at hearing, seeing, and smelling. Their taste is their weakest point, as many have succumb to poisonings. They have large claws on their feet which also helps them feel the earth's movements, and are often barefoot even in the coldest of environments due to this. Their hearing is however top notch rivaled by their sight. A Zenthian's eye sight is said to be able to focus at far away targets or areas with little effort. They retain a beastly sense of smell that they haven't lost from their Bestial Ancestory.  
"A zenthian can smell blood miles away, It is hard to lure them into deathtraps due to this. It's like they smell blood, and kick gear into feral mode. They are frightening and intimidating in a fight, fast too."
~SGT Delmuth Sellers, Retired Consular Soldier

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Usually the Zenthian is named by a singular name, and where they were born, This is noted by the Zenthian word of "aea" which means origin. The traditional naming is that Zenthians do not have a last name, however nicknames and self-named zenthians are a thing. This is because of how short a zenthian is expected to surive without being claimed by war, sickness, or execution.


The History of the Zenthians is an enigma. It is tied to the Combined Empire , the Infinity Tower and genetic engineering. The Zenthians are simply a chimera of genetic engineering done by the Combined Empire. The interesting catch to this however is that the Zenthians origins, were not as humanoids, but as modified guard dogs, used like dogs to guard Combined Places of interest.  

Ancestral Zenthians

The Zenthians evolved off of a pet-species from the Combined Empire. Their Bestial Ancestory is that of a guard dog, mixed with various predator instincts to make the ultimate loyal and formidable deterrence to disobedience and those willing to harm the state. They however evolved to humanoids during the Combine's Absence. They evolved quickly to where they are now, and like their general behavior, are mistreated by others as 'test tube babies'. However, unlike the Domingo, they are able to do so without medical assistance and naturally. Most of them are aware of this, and only the keepers of the Infinity Tower know the truth.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

There have been reports of Zenthians mating with others outside their race. This is rare however. This is seen as a taboo usually by others in the warband or culture and if found out, they are usually killed, along  with thier mate, or simply disowned and tossed out to die, with their mate.  Outside Iksamas, however these couples have been known to live long fulfilling lives.
by Typh
Scientific Name
Mammalia, chimera
30-50 years
Average Height
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