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The Galios Ravine

The Galiso Ravine is a strange mix of Mountains ,Canyons, and ravines. It was the direct response to the tectonic movements of the Consular Desert pushing against the Iksamas Desert regions. The place is so rugged, that travel is almost impossible on foot without proper preparation. Only once did a Zenthian Warband cross it to raid, and ever since they were defeated, no other tribes or warbands had tried to invade again. It serves as a natural barrier between two very different regions and cultures. However, whats within this Ravine is fascinating, as it could also be a gateway to the Underfoot.  
"The Galios Ravine is a majestic piece of landscape. Mountains that stretch up high, to a drop that goes down into the darkness. No wonder it's not traversed much, one could fall to their death without looking. Imagine this place at night!"
~Adventurer Ramos Laguero, Meridian.


The Galios ravine is a massive mix of mountains and canyons that dip deep into the planet's surface. Expeditions that led down here, have came up with interesting and fascinating discoveries. It is a popular place for Spelunkers and Dungeoneers. The Adventurers' Guild lists the Ravine as a Dungeon. and has divided it into several other areas to save time for adventuring parties. One would carefully find pathways into the Deep, and witness a whole new world, as well as a glimpse of the fabled Underfoot.   The Ravine goes for about two miles down in it's deepest part, making it a region that has volcanic activity, deep within. There are rumored Dwarven ruins beneath the surface, and scholars are also scouring the area for any signs of the Combined Empire. A few locations within the Ravine are classified as dungeons for adventurer management.  

Breaker's Well

Breaker's Well is a deep entry point within the Ravine. It has a straight drop down that is akin to a well or quarry. It's amongst the people's first time here, and thus the most popular. It ends at what looks to be a deactivated gateway, possibly an entry point into the Underfoot. However there is no evidence here that supports Underfoot activity or civilizations.    

The Deep

The Deep is s imply the deepest point in which adventurers' have reached. This is an expert class dungeon that parties often take for a challenge and a sense of adventure. Parts of the Infinity Tower had fallen into this area which has attracted interesting subterranean creatures to inhabit the ruins. No on has gone deeper in fears of losing contact with the outside world.  

Tower of the Sun

The Tower of the Sun is a Zenthian holy place that jets out of the mountain range and usually pierces the clouds above. Its one of the Four Holy Mountains that the Zenthians hold in high regard. That being said, parties adventuring here will most likly run into Zenthian warbands and pilgrims that will fight to the death. At the mountain's Peak, is said to be a Dragon's lair to an unknown dragon.  

Tower of Origins

The Tower of Origins is the second Pillar of Creation in Zenthian lore. This tower is said to have a laboratory on it's top that originally had the DNA of the animal that the Zenthian evolved from. It is also a Dragon-claimed tower by Lord Rusha, of the Claw Sanctuary which is next to the Tower of Origin. Due to it being a holy palce to Zenthians, a warband always seems to move in and chase the pacifist dragon away. There is an unfinished Dragon manor on it's top, due to the constant invasions by Zenthians.  

The Achadian Vast

"Well well, look what we have here, brothers. A Void Anchor! We shall make it our own! And Plunder this hidden place in the name of Lotus! How dare they invade our Sacred lands!"
~Primus Carrgos aea Zentharia, Soul Warband
  The Achadian Vast is a hidden Void Anchor that had begun to warp the underground ecosystem into an illuminated mushroom-like dreamscape. However It's also a primary target for Zenthian warbands seeking glory, loot, or simply to punish trespassers into their territory. A few Warbands even took up outposts here to research it. Depending on what Warbands are present, this is a place of rare-cooperation between the Warbands and Adventurers to 'treat' a Centrous Void incursion point.  

The Sunless River

The Sunless river is a massive underground river that leads deeper into the caves and crags of the Ravine. It ends with a tight space and a waterfall going even deeper, It is said that the Underfoot is on the otherside of their walls. This place is a high-risk location for adventurers due to wildlife and mysterious apparitions, rumored to be Elementals from the storms that can brew on the surface.


The ecosystem within teh Ravine is a mix of different things. Depending where one is in elevation, or where one is overall, the eco-systems can vary to cold and dark, wet and gloomy to arid and cold, to Hot and Underground Lava Lakes. It is almost impossible to find out where each of these hazards lay at a glanceĀ  without traversing into them yourself. At the top, it's a rocky rift, like a scar that formed mountains and underground systems. Back before the Combine, this region was home to many precursors that used the ravine as a natural shelter from the heat.
Alternative Name(s)
The Galios Reach
Mountain Range
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