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Mananecite is a very rare and valuable magical substance that is created from pure Mana achieving a tangible form.


Material Characteristics

Mananecite can be found in two states, solid and liquid. It's liquid form is vibrant and colorful, and shimmers brilliantly with an swirling rainbow. In it's solid form, it darkens into a black rock that is iridescent and reflects color on it's surface. It also sparkles in the sunlight.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Most often Mananecite is found inits solid form. The rocks are very hard but will crack and break with enough force applied. When arcane magic is applied to it, it will melt into it's liquefied state and eventually harden again after some time. It's liquid state is viscous and slime-like. In it's solid form it is cold to the touch and has magic radiating off of it. In it's liquid form, it is warm and can absorb into the skin, filling the users Souls with mana and causing a hyperactive tingling sensation through the body similar to an intense sugar or caffeine rush.

Geology & Geography

Mananecite is typically found in areas that have experienced a massive explosion of chaotic magic. such as near Portals both active and inactive, or on the site or other catastrophic magic related mishaps. It's usually found lying on the surface or buried a few feet down.

Origin & Source

Mananecite is produced when chaotic magic condenses the surrounding mana in a solid, tangible form, such as in cases of new dimensional portals opening, where the substance spews from the emerging portal. The wave of chaotic magic also effects the mana inside the souls of living creatures like mortals, and will turn their bodies into solid rock. This effect also disabled enchantments, including natural ones like what is found in Magic Crystals. It can also disable Orbitite, the mineral that allows the floating isles of the The Fantasme to stay in the sky.

History & Usage


Because of it's rarity, it was only discovered recently, and thus it's properties and effects aren't well researched. Mages to this day are still studding the mineral and the uses it could have in the magical field.

Everyday use

What Mananecite does exist in the public has been used by the Mages College in small pools and pipework throughout the tower, it's found that the substance can increase the amount of mana in an environment one can draw from, improving their studies and spell casting abilities.   The rock form also has potential to be used much in the same ways as magic crystals, however, the mineral is not restricted to one specialization, making it a universal magic conductor.


From what research has been done the, while in solid form mananecite tends to be pretty harmless, it's liquid state tends to cause unexpected side effects to living creatures. Those who has spent excessive amounts of physical contact with the substance has reported cases of Mana Poisoning that has lasted months at a time after the fact.   Consumption of the substance is also ill advised. According to witness reports, those who have tried had started gagging and vomiting immediately, and their bodies began solidifying into solid Mananecite, which in the few cases of this happening, HAS produced more mananecite to study, but also resulted in the deaths of the test subjects.

Environmental Impact

While the substance doesn't in itself seem to harm the environment it's placed in, it's creation often results in the destruction of most forms of life in the immediate area, and has been the cause of thousands of mortal deaths.


Law & Regulation

As of now, most samples of mananecite are owned by the Mages Council and it's considered illegal to possess the substance with out a license from the magic community.

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Extremely Rare
Sweet, but causing a mild burning sensation in the nose.
Common State
Solid or Liquid


Mananecite was first discovered near a deactivated portal and collected by the mages council for study. When it's magical properties were discovered, people began searching for more of the mineral but investigating other potential portal sites.   In 1727 an attempt to manually open up a giant portal in Falle Anor went wrong, resulting in a massive chaotic magic explosion that destroyed the city. Effects resulted in the entire population of the city turning into mananecite statues in an instant.   Despite the city being a massive supply of the rare mineral, many local groups have protested the harvesting of the mineral as it would be disrespectful to the dead. Despite this, illegal harvesting from the city has become a problem.

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