Cannibalites are disciples of the ways of Cannibal. They exist as a minority within the House of Sorrows but are distinct in that they tend to Anticipate the return of Cannibal rather than the arrival of Dirge.

The Lessons of Cannibal

Cannibal's lessons were not so much taught by him as compiled through records of his deeds and statements. He was reclusive, so much so that many today assume he was legend despite evidence to the contrary.   He was a Focus, not a man, but he was as flawed as any of us. His youth was a time of loathing and bloodshed, but as he aged you can see growth in his loss. It from the growth, not the man, that we draw our lessons.
Cannibalite Family Matron

"Death is Growth"

Cannibalites believe that a certain amount of destruction, pain, and loss is necessary for growth. Not all loss has to be pain, however, which is a line of thinking somewhat divergent from other Sorrows. It is for this reason that Cannibalites Drink to Forget  
The Haimarchy maintains Destruction and Construction as the two moral forces of the universe. They are opposites, but not in opposition, as one necessitates and guarantees the other. It's fitting, then, that the Sorrows began as the a House of Growth within the old Haimarchy, and now stands in opposition to it as its destruction.

"Age is Stagnance"

The most famous legends around Cannibal center around his feud with Charade. Cannibal maintained that newer minds should determine what is right, Charade said it was age which proved it. Were Charade to kill Cannibal, his elder, he would prove him right. Were Cannibal to kill him, the same. In the end, Charade raised two younger Foci and they killed Charade.   The lesson here is that experience marks the course and equips the young, but it must be their choice how to shape the world.

"Sacrifice is Noble"

Cannibal died to prove his stance against Charade. In his final hour, Charade put Cannibal's life on the line by ensuring that his death at the hands of Cannibal's proteges would ensure Cannibal's as well. Cannibal allowed it to happen.


Demonyms Cannibalites, Cannibaleans
Associated Banner The House of Sorrows
Parent ethnicities
Related Traditions Eater's Feast


Death is growth
Age is stagnancy
Sacrifice is noble

Drink to Forget

In a special ritual, Cannibalites will sometimes prepare and drink a modified version of Glistering Gabriel's Mont Saint-Michel champagne. Rather than drinking to remember, they drink to forget.   By using neural lace to target certain memories, they will do the ritual and drink while those memories are deleted. The believe this death allows them to move forward as a new person, free of stagnant old thoughts.  
Glistering Gabriel
Character | May 8, 2020

The Sommelier of Sorrow. The Angel of Angst. The answer to all your joys. | Gabriel was an Angel stationed at The Crucible before he was excommunicated from Somnacy for consorting with Sorrows to obtain Glisterwax for use in torture.

Cannibalite Families

Cannibalite families tend to be fairly positive forces within whatever community they settle in. Their beliefs compel them to few actions beyond promoting those around them to have opinions and act on those opinions. As with Cannibal, their word is often mistaken as "might makes right".   They will often get involved in politics when in places where they can hold as much sway, but are more likely to serve as homes for the wayward, or to maintain inns and other such houses of hospitality and comfort.   A city would do well to remember that a Cannibalite family can still cause problems. Their stance and helpful nature tends to make them very well connected with the local underworld, and they have proven painfully effective at crippling local politics if they deem it necessary for the sake of the people.   For this reason, opinions on them are highly divided. They may be portrayed as heroes of the people, mobsters, enemies of the state, or friendly faces.


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