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(a.k.a. The Eater, Keeper of Teeth, King of Demons)

Cannibal is the eldest Inspiration, estimated to have been born early into the Crescendo era. It is uncertain if he is still alive, as he supposedly died in battle slaying Charade, but there are rumors that he walks Ethnis still, cutting deals and acting ever in his arcane ways.


Cannibal is first told of as a vengeful, murderous spirit, the collective fury and sadness of the mysterious and violent death of a city of Verin colonists on the mainland.

He crosses the land, murder in his very visage. His body is not of flesh, but of the carcasses if the settlements left burning in his wake: bones of metal, ligaments of chain, skin of robes and burlap.

The very wake of his passing lead to the rise of many other Foci. They rose, weaker than he, and tried to follow in his footsteps only to find themselves consumed whole for crossing his path. This is how he earned his name. Over time myth has added flesh to his diet, but there's even less evidence substantiating that than there is substantiating that Cannibal ever lived.


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As the tales progress, cannibal becomes less violent.

Tales even come to tell of him communicating, making deals. It's hard to tell which is false report, which is real. He is so old he's embedded into the creation myths of some races, and in the nightmares of most all. To the concern of the world his last words were: "The strong will survive."

Many feared it to be a threat. Would he return someday to test the strength of the world?


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