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The 2nd Pact, FalghuThion

The Sazashi FalghuThion (Thion-sazashiFalghu-oan, in the native Saza) was the philosophy of Sophont division designed by Metkrah and the Grandmaster of Light.

It remained in effect from 15247 to 20330.

For thousands of years we toiled, suffered, and died under the tyranny of the Vadakendanic Procession and the philosophy of the Blood Edict at it's core.

In the wake of our Revolution we find ourselves suffering at our own. This war has shown that we are strongest when we are Thionunited—but the Grandmaster of Light would divide us, spreading us across the lands and divided into our own sections where we cannot unite against them.

Rally against this! For the love of your children, fight back!

— Master Siozan
Spiritual Leader, Philosopher

FalghuThion stated that the Sazashi would fare better if separated by Kind so that their various Ah'hei didn't conflict. Left to their own devices and ideals, they could use their land as they saw fit, and each grow into populous and peaceful neighbors of each other. Its many detractors poined out that it would only be used to enforce a racial supremacy.

Time proved them to be correct.

The FalguThion was enstated during the second signing of the ValuSelu Pact. The signing was held at the Monarch Palace in Valuser'rh. During thie Pact Moot, there was a great discussion over who the lands would be divided to, and why.

The negotiations resulted in a great many scuffles and arguments between representatives of every Kind, debates over who had contributed the most to the war or over whose Akjhe had been of the greatest detriment or help to the revolution. Ultimately, the lands were divided mostly along these lines of contribution, and rarely in a fair way.

While the FalguThion was not total, but it was heavy-handed enough that for thousands of years after, many of the countries were predominantly one Kind of Sazashi or not.

KhirmagneGiven the western Nege forest, in Khatoum, as they could survive it.
SighreWwere not given a place of governance, only reserves in Khatoum.
NasykGiven the frozen north, Faur'ridar'ru, where they served the Verin.
ParisanTook the fertile and secluded Valdutan region
Shelt-Ratook the verdant and open Valuser'rhregion.
AenGiven the marshy and fertile Aempis region.
HelykGiven the FalguMer'rh Region, which had difficult lands but rich coasts.
KajhGiven Kajh-Tai, a difficult land with many fortunes.
Ral-MiGiven the difficult seclusion of Nege-Tai.
HiserabiGiven a place of governance, only reserves in Nege-Tai.
Thion | Saza | Shi | Falghu | Oan

If you want to understand Thion, it helps to understand what it means.

— An Adventine

Thion, in high tone means organized into a group, together. It is the Saza word for the Pact.

Thion, in low tone. means organized by division, separated. This is the form of the term which is used for this article.


The Saza people. So normalized the Shi is rarely capitalized except in formal writing, and is more often Sazashi.


Of pertaining to places built for a purpose. This is usually literal, but can be figurative as well.


The signed document of the FalguTjhon was kept in the Monarch Palace for most of its existence.

During the most recent signing of the Pact, it was digitally backed up, and a part of it was burned in symbol of a change in the times.

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