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HHI Session 15: Lose a Friend, Gain Twenty More

General Summary

Month 4, Week 2, Year 908
Shaken from the encounter at the cigar shop and Balasar's abduction, the party returned to the tavern for a long rest before going to search for their dragonborn ally. While preparing for her rest Mavis discovered the Deck of Many Things nestled inside her pouch, a note from Auntie Jadoogar cautioning that this wasn't a gift that could be easily parted with.    After a midday rest, the party headed out that evening to search for Balasar. The sorcerer had mentioned running into the mysterious red dragonborn in the sea of refugee tents on the edge of town, and a perceptive Mavis spotted Balasar unconscious in a large tent. Throwing stealth and caution to the wind, Ownka and Mavis rushed into the tent to confront the elven man inside. A fight quickly ensued, Mavis and Ithilwen charmed by the elf and stuck outside the tent for much of the fight. Ithilwen still managed to cast 'Silence' a couple of times, frustrating many of the elf's plans to fend off the party.    Before long a second elf appeared out of nowhere, breaking Ithilwen's concentration with powerful spells and rushing into the tent to deal with Balasar. Log and Mavis dealt devastating blows to the elven warlock, but the other elf managed to vanish from the area with Balasar's unconscious body after drawing a teleportation circle. Within moments the remaining elf was killed by Mavis' 'Vampiric Touch', its Mask of Many Faces dropping as the elf transformed into the red dragonborn Kirith. The party learned a little about The Shroud, the mysterious organization that had attacked them at the cigar shop and abducted Balasar, but they were unsuccessful in rescuing their sorcerer ally. Log was killed by one of Kirth's powerful spells, forcing Ownka to expend one of her diamonds to cast 'Revivify' on her most loyal disciple.    The Gatekeeper did not take the news well, descending into a violent rage and ranting about the Shroud's vile agents. Wilbur promised to provide the group with a new member to replace Balasar, urging caution from Mavis and the others to prevent future encounters with the Shroud. Later that day the party convinced Cpt. Blipool to escort them north towards Younashi, though she asked for 1,000GP for the dangerous voyage into an active warzone.    As the party began boarding Blipool's sailboat The Minnow, a wave of magic energy surged through the pier that pushed Mavis and Ownka into the waters of Lake Yasai. Standing at the wave's epicenter was a seven-foot-tall goliath, pupiless eyes staring down at the party from the end of the pier. Speaking in a variety of accents and tones, the goliath introduced themselves as Sola, Wilbur's creation and newest member of the Seeking Scorpions. Mavis was immediately wary of the newcomer, especially when Sola taunted her about the party's recent failings.    Month 5, Week 1, Year 908
The voyage to Younashi would take about a week and a half, the party cooped up inside Blipool's small sailoboat with little to do. Vast farmlands stretched out on either side of the riverbanks, villages burned down by the advancing armies of Oda Clan. Sola informed Wilbur about the party's progress, The Gatekeeper pleased with the sorcerer's attention to detail.    About ten days into the journey, the party was caught off guard by a couple  of mysterious sounds coming from below deck. Blipool peered over the edge of the boat to check on the sounds and was immediately consumed by a giant crocodile. The party spent several intense moments fending off the fearsome predators, Ownka dragged into the waters of the Maguro River by one of the crocodiles and nearly drowning before Sola came to her rescue. Even when a sea hag appeared on the other side of the ship and knocked Log unconscious with a single glare, the party managed to defeat the monsters and keep The Minnow afloat. By the end of the encounter the party found themselves on a ship without a captain, days away from Younashi, with no sailing experience from anybody in the party.

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Kirith - a red dragonborn and agent of The Shroud killed by the party on the outskirts of Shisu while trying to rescue Balasar
  • The Gatekeeper - the mysterious patron of the Seeking Scorpions, and the creator of Sola 
  • Cpt. Blipool - a female kuo-toa and ship captain who agreed to sail the party north towards Younashi. She was eaten by giant crocodiles.
Report Date
11 Oct 2020
Primary Location
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