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The Obscure Sciences

Obscure science is an umbrella term for the study of various phenomena and topics not covered or supported by mainstream science. This ranges from anything related to The Pulse, the Inflicted or even the possible existence of magic. Those studying one of the obscure sciences are called obscurists. Throughout the ages they have dealt with a lot of ridicule by their fellow scientists. Admitting one is an obscurist is still something many frown upon. Yet the tides are changing. With more and more unexplainable events happening all over the world people are starting to rely on obscurists to figure out what exactly is going on.

Fields of Obscure Science

Pulse Etiology

The study of the origin of The Pulse. Almost from the first days after the Pulse people have been divided over the cause of this cataclysm. Some brushed it off as a natural disaster, while others believed something more magical was at the root of this destructive event. Pulse etiologists believe the latter. To prove their theory they dive deep into the background and history of West Eghea to figure out what exactly happened all those years ago. Many of them visit Akkash to be able to study ground zero of this cataclystic event. Visiting The Glyph comes not without danger however. The place is teeming with inflicted creatures who seem to enjoy living there. It is one of the most important reasons why this area has never been properly examined.
I must admit your last letter took me by surprise my friend. To me our world will always remain one of tremendous wonder and beauty. There is indeed a certain darkness, as you so cleverly pointed out. But that does not mean we must give up on life itself. I dare you, step outside your mansion and look around. Look at all those people living their lives. Listen to their laughter, smell the blossoms, taste the freshly baked pastries. There is so much left to live for. The Pulse has no hold over us. It does not dictate what we do or who we are. The Pulse is history, nothing more.

— From a letter by Master Historian Gharun Dolhaim to his friend Pulse Etiologist Nykàl ...

Magicology [better name to be determined]

There has been a lot of speculation in the past about whether magic truly existed before the Pulse. From manuscripts which survived the cataclysm it is suggested magic was ingrained in ancient society, or at least people believed it was. Nowadays people no longer believe in magic because there is no proof it exists. Magicologists try to find out the truth about magic. Their study involves ancient manuscripts, but also visiting ruins from the Forgotten. They also investigate places like The Wilder Trail and Nayeli's Ring because it appears there is some strange power going on there.
Perhaps it is just gone. Magic I mean. Perhaps once there was something that allowed us to do magic. And now it is simply not there anymore.
— Magicologist [name] to Magicologist Eshan [last name]

Inflictology [better name to be determined]

The world is filled with creatures whom separate themselves from normal animals by their teal glowing eyes. They are called Inflicted, hence the name of this field of science. It studies the origins, distribution, evolution, etc. of these creatures. Their appearance seems closely linked to the Pulse, as no record of them has ever been found from a time before the cataclysm.


Alchemy is the combination of chemistry and magic. Hence most alchemists have a degree in chemistry since it is often a good base to start of off. In art and entertainment alchemists are often depicted as an old man wearing a robe stirring a steaming and bubbling pot with some unknown concoction in it. In reality alchemists spend just as much time studying and translating ancient texts as they do making potions, powders and various other substances.

General History

While it was the founding of the first University of Obscure Sciences in 2301 in Sajhdula that set the obscure sciences on the map officially, the various sciences exist much longer than that. One could argue they started to develop in the first decades after the Pulse when the world slowly crawled out of its post-apocalyptic state. People started to rebuild in an attempt to regain what was lost. Life became somewhat easier as the skies cleared and plants started to grow again. And with that came curiosity about what exactly had caused this strange event. As people started to look into it all more and more question arose. And from those questions the seeds for the various obscure sciences grew into what they are today.

Public opinion

Most people have little knowledge about obscurists and what exactly they do. Hence they are often looked at with apprehension. For mainstream scientists obscurists are fools and charlatans. However, obscurists no longer have to fear for their lives, which was a different story in the past. From the Burning of Neba Univesity of Obscure Sciences in 2749 to the Rise against Obscurists in Mehrula in 2987. There was a time where obscurists had to fear for their lives every day. The blackest moment in the history of crimes against obscurists was however the Witch Hunt of Sajhdula in 2753. The word hunt is misleading though, since no actual hunting took place. What happened though was that after many months of unrest and protests against the University of Obscure Sciences an angry mob of thousands stormed the university. They killed everyone in the building, including children and adults who only worked there in housekeeping, and proceeded to burn the entire building down. The fires then spread to nearby buildings and raged throughout the city for days. A big part of lower Sajhdula was destroyed, and many innocent lives were lost. The university has never been rebuild.

Famous Obscurists

Pulse Etiologist Nykàl Muvali

Nykàl is best known for the thesis he wrote in his last year of univerity. He tried to prove that the Pulse had no natural cause. Among obscurists his theory is widely excepted, while the rest of science rejected his findings with vigor. Nykàl was born in Mehrula but moved to Akkash after his graduation. He has since continued the work he started with his thesis and proceeds to debunk any theory mainstream science throws at him regarding the origin of the Pulse.

Magicologist Eshan [last name]

Eshan is famous for uncovering a ruin on the island Ippah. What makes this ruin and his work in the ruin so important is that it appears this location was once used as a school of magic. Ofcourse, mainstream historians were quick to come up with their own theories to prove him wrong. Either way, for magicology this ruin has become one of the most important sites on Ealdwyll. Eshan was born in Ippah city and currently lives in a village close to the ruin he uncovered. He continues his study of the ruins and any artifacts or manuscripts found inside.

Inflictologist Seana [last name]

Seana studied biology at the University of Miraiy where she graduated as the best of her class. From a young age she had been obsessed by the Inflicted creatures roaming outside her families hamlet. It came as no surprise to then that she moved to Neba to study inflictology at the Neba University of Obscure Sciences. Her never ending passion for her field of interest resulted in a number of very important discoveries which even biologists could not ignore. Thanks to her work it is now believed that the Inflicted were originally regular animals who rapidly mutated into their new form around the time the Pulse happened. Seana was born in northern Ghynzua where she still lives with her mother family. She spends a lot of time away from home however to study Inflicted all over the world.

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