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An ancient people who are erroneously believed to be the original creators of the Universe. God like beings with astonishing magic and technology. They created the Khorai and the World-Gates and seeded the universe with life.   It is even believed they uplifted the Aalevi, Humani and the Urashi to serve them. Though it has long since been forgotten,all three spcies were once one species but genetic engineering by the Ehoshim split them into three species that can no longer interbreed.   Though they themselves consider themselves to be the "Children of the Ilios" they reject the heretical idea that the Ilios is actually an Ilazhu itself. One of the earliest wars the Ehoshim ever fought was the one that drove the great Ilazhim outside the Universe.   The Ehoshim themselves were immortal beings of light, who took the form of whatever the person looking at them expected. Then there was a schism. An Ehoshim champion, Nephumael led a great rebellion against the Ilios resulting in a catastophic war across the uiniverse. The result was the Shattering of Aaru, which not only fragmented the Ehoshim homeworld of Aaru, but the Ilios and the Ehoshim themselves. Now none are whole, all now exist in multiple planes of existence and the power of the Ehoshim has been severely diminished. No longer are they beings of light, but beings of flesh and bone, and though still very long lived they do die now. Whilst an individual Ehoshim can exist as multiple fragments, the Kyrioi are the only Ehoshim fragment that can still traverse worlds. All other fragments are bound to their fragments of Aaru (known as the worlds of the Heptarchy).   The Ehoshim fragments are the;  

  • Kyrioi - Those Ehoshim who were not on Aaru during the Shattering, though they still suffered the effects.

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