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Basheol – The Broken City

A city/world where everything appears broken and floating in air. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World. The Ilios (the sun) shines with a dour dark light. Fragments of buildings seem to float in the air. Powerful winds howl through the ruins as lightning rains down constantly.   The Vhilinayi, an insane Ehoshim remnant also howl through the air, riding the winds and dancing with the lightning.   Magic dealing with Madness, Air, Wind, Storms, Electricity, Chaos, Water are drawn from here.   Signature Offensive Spell is a lightning storm, constantly flashing out lightning strikes with little ability to control where they land.   Signature Defensive Spell is a circle of wind that surrounds the Sorcerer preventing anyone of anything getting close. Projectiles are particularly useless against the wind barrier.


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