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Yasphodel - The Green City

A city/world where everything is overgrown with vegetation. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World. The Ilios (the sun) shines with a hot bright light. Very humid.   The Azurhim, is a merged super-consciousness of the remnant of the Ehoshim on Yasphodel. It is part of every living creature on Yasphodel. The animal life consists almost entirely of giant arthropods and insects.   Magic dealing with Nature, Life, Growth, Communication, Sickness are drawn from here. Magic dealing with healing is shared with the world of Cheveneh, but healing magic from here deals with recovering from illnesses and infections. Shapeshifting magic (into animal forms) also is drawn from here.   Signature Offensive Spell is a bunch of vines growing swiftly, grabbing something and ripping it into pieces. The more powerful a Sorcerer is, the more vines they can grow and command.   Signature Defensive Spell is an ability to "break" into a swarm of insects, either to flee or to "dodge" a physical blow, then reassembling themselves from the swarm.


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