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Aaru - The First World

This was a gigantic city-world. The Sun is in the centre while the city-world was shaped around it. So basically like a Dyson Sphere. The sun was worshiped by it's inhabitants (the Ehoshim) and was called the Ilios and was the source of their power and magic. They were even powerful enough to banish the ancient sleeping cthonic entities known as the Ilazhim from the universe.   The Ehoshim explored and colonized the universe and created various Khorai (Portal Henges) all over Aaru to access these worlds. They uplifted the first intelligent species they found, the Anak, but not content with them, they breed them into three distinct sub-species, the Aalevi, the Humani and the Urashi to carry out various servile tasks the Ehoshim did not want to do themselves. Today, no-one but the Ehoshim ever remember these were originally one species.   Eventually of course there was a civil war and eventually their world was shattered, into many pieces, during the Shattering of Aaru. The seven largest pieces became the Heptarchy, the sources of magic in my setting. Smaller fragments of Aaru became known as the Shards of Aaru. Often the Heptarchy are represented by a Seven-sided gemstone in ancient inscriptions/writings, known as the Ilion, but few really know what it means.   Not only Aaru was shattered in the cataclysm, but the Ehoshim themselves. An Ehoshim individual may exist on multiple worlds of the Heptarchy or the universe but have no knowledge of the lives of their other selves. But they are still diminished by their fragmentation.   The Aalevi, the Humani and the Urashi still have vague mythic stories of their heavenly home.

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