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Archeron - The City of Twilight

A city/world where the light is dim and the shadows are long. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World but the biggest fragment. The Ilios (the sun) glows pale and gives a sense of perpetual twilight. This is the husk of the heavenly paradise world of Aaru and more “real” than the rest of the Heptarchy. The second most dangerous location in my setting after the Hollow.   The Ghulan, mutated remnants of the Aalevi, Humani, and Urashi servants of the Ehoshim, roam the city-world constantly looking for food. They are twisted and mutated mindless being ravenous for the lifeforce of others. In their madness they ripped their eyes out but that only seems to make their hunts more successful. They avoid the areas around the Khorai (Portal Henges) though. The World-Gates give off a strange vibration that disturbs them.   The Epheirim are themselves mutated Ehoshim remnants. They also hunger for life, but they still have their intelligence and are deadly and dangerous foes even too each other.   Magic is extremely difficult to access here. For most it just will not work. And even fewer are able to access the magic of the The Ilios of Archeron even though Archeron is the easiest of the worlds of the Heptarchy to physically reach. The magic of anti-magic, nulling other magic, and seeing into the future comes from Archeron.


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