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Cheveneh - The Shining City

A city/world where every structure has a crystalline aesthetic. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World. The Ilios (the sun) shines with a warm bright light that reflects almost painfully through the crystalline buildings making everything glimmer with a golden glow. So bright that sometimes you can glimpse the city on other worlds, shining in the distance on a horizon where it is often referred to as the "Golden City". There is no darkness or shadow as the light shines and reflects everywhere.   The Delphim are the Ehoshim remnant on this world. Outwardly friendly but rather distant and preoccupied. Each day they live seems to be the same as the previous day, forgetting anything or anyone new they meet.   Magic dealing with Light, Control, Order, Discipline, Shields, Illusions, Time, turning energy into some physical, comes from here. Healing magic is also drawn from here, but it is more about repairing damage from injuries and wounds.   Signature Offensive Spell is a swarm of crystalline butterflies, that physically strikes enemies, often blinding them before they strike so the attack is unavoidable. The more powerful a Sorcerer is, the more butterfly constructs they can summon.   Signature Defensive Spell is a shield of light (basically a forcefield), that can be drawn around a person or object. It takes a lot of energy for this to be active. The more powerful a Sorcerer is, the bigger the shield and the longer it lasts. Morwena Vallach becomes infamous when she erects a shield of light over the entire city of Talindis during a siege.


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