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One of the three most common humanoid species found across the universe. Consists of multiple diverse ethnicities, cultures and civilizations. Slightly shorter on average than Humani, Aalevi males are slightly shorter again than the females. They have a very similar appearance to Humani, except they have a long slender tail (that is NOT prehensile). Their ears are long and fox-like (similar to a Fennec Fox) and they have 2-4 thin branching antlers (Males have 2, females have 4).   Often the females are larger than the males and are often the more dominant in their societies.   Originally, the Aalevi, Humani & the Urashi were one species, but the Ehoshim meddled with them to create the three species we have today. Only some Ehoshim remember this origin. The three species can not even produce offspring if they interbreed, though they does not stop them trying at times.

Additional Information

Social Structure

It can vary but for the most part they tend to be matriarchal

Facial characteristics

They tend to have eye colours that range from purples (lavender, indigo, violet, lilac) to in rare cases, dark blues.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

There are no specific naming traditions. They have diverse cultures, traditions, ethnicities, civilizations.o specific naming traditions. They have diverse cultures, traditions, ethnicities.


The Aalevi, Humani & the Urashi are one of the servant races of the ancient Ehoshim, who were scattered across the cosmos, during the Shattering of Aaru millennia ago. They can be found on most inhabited worlds.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Aalevi can and do often have sexual intercourse with Humani. And can even enter into marriages. But no children can be born from interbreeding.
60 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their hair colour include silvery-white, silvery-grey, black, reddish-orange, fawn, tan, reddish-gold.

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