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Taphomeh – City of Shadows

The only world of the The Heptarchy to lie within the Hollow (a shadowy region on the skin of the universe). The Ilios (the sun) is black with a pale ghostly halo. It is cold here.   The Ushedim, (an Ehoshim remnant), dwell here. Cunning and manipulative they delight in “playing” with those they encounter. Their traditional Ehoshim arrogance has been dented, since they are no longer the most powerful entities in the area. They have divided themselves into factions constantly maneuvering for power. Some Aalevi, Humani Urashi of Aaru also survive on Taphomeh.   Magic dealing with Shadows, Night, Illusions, Dreams, Manipulation, Whispers are drawn from here. Shapeshifting magic also comes from here, but it is more like the illusion kind.   Signature offensive spell is a summoning of a bunch of grasping shadowy tentacles bursting out of the ground, grabbing and smashing those in reach. The more powerful a Sorcerer is, the more shadow tentacles they can summon.   Signature defensive spell is a cloud of shadows designed to disguise the Sorcerer as they escape, leaving behind 1 or many illusionary images of themselves.


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