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Jehenneh – The Burning City

A city/world where everything is highlighted in a crimson glow. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World. The Ilios (the sun) shines with a hot oppressive red light. There is no night. Buildings sweat a reddish liquid.   The Nillim, (an Ehoshim remnant) dwell here. They can be emotional and violent and believe might = right. They have devolved into an almost feudal society. With "Eikha" (Dukes) claiming territories and fiercely defending them.   Magic dealing with Fire, Passion, Impulse, Speed, Emotions, are drawn from here. Magic dealing with small personal transformations also comes from here; ie lengthening and strengthening a person's fingernails so they are more like sharp, dangerous claws.   Signature Offensive Spell is summoning up to three fire birds to strike and burn the enemies of the Sorcerer. The more powerful a Sorcerer is, the longer they can keep the keep the firebirds striking and the hotter the firebirds burn.   Signature Defensive Spell is a hardening of the skin to almost stone level strength, Weapons striking against the skin will often shatter, and fire often has no effect.


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