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Alethe – The Frozen City

A city/world where everything appears buried in ice. One of the Heptarchy. It is a fragment of Aaru - The First World. The Ilios (the sun) shines bright but with a cold bluish intensity. The city itself is semi buried in ice and appears serene but lifeless.   It is haunted by the Sidhan, an Ehoshim remnant who exist as gaunt shades constantly hunting warmth to steal/devour. Most have lost their intelligence and exist only to satiate their hunger even upon each other. They appear as wispy grey shades. A few though, keep both their intelligence and their hunger under control.   Magic dealing with Silence, Thought, Frost, Cold, Stasis, Blizzards, Breath are drawn from here.   Signature Offensive Spell is a gust of cold that freezes it's target solid. Their body becomes covered in frost and icicles hang down from their arms and noses.   Signature Defensive Spell is a stasis, effect where the Sorcerer retreats into a medatative state which surrounds the Sorcerer is an impervious barrier. Unlike the Shield of Light of Cheveneh this requires very little energy to sustain, so can last a very long time, BUT at the same time the Sorcerer is unable to do anything else as their mind is also in stasis.


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