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SC Vol. 1 - Worth Reading

"I congratulate everyone who has achieved the goals they set and more. And for those who may be despairing of one or the other prompt, I wish that they will not be discouraged. Already one single article has enriched your world! Be proud of every step that brought you closer to your goal!"


My review of the last two months of June and July

Like many other newcomers to this year's SC event, I didn't really know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the anticipation for the upcoming event that gripped the community in June with the release of Weekly Homework. In the end, I promised to write eight articles for a copper badge that would connect my two worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin, and...


... I am extremely happy that I

  • reached my copper goal and wrote 10 articles totaling 8,421 words, even though I wasn't on vacation.
  • was able to publish articles that were 98% complete.
  • developed the first connections between the two worlds, although at the beginning I really had no plan how to do it.

... I still have to work on:

  • better preparation through research, notes, drawings, etc.
  • less doubt about a reasonable word count
  • urgent expansion of the "framework" of time calculation, dates, names and events, etc., because had to suck from the fingers a lot of things first, which really slowed me down.

Notes to me

Little Steps



My own favorite summer camp items

Despite a somewhat bumpy start after the first wave was announced, I slowly found my way into it in the second week. I wrote four articles for Elaqitan and six for Naharin, which, with two exceptions, form the first connection between the two worlds. The following four articles show what Blue's worlds are about, they are all somehow me and show a part of my life, which is why I would like to particularly recommend them to you.

"A big thank you goes to the many readers who supported me at my first summer camp with a "like" and nice comments, as well as to all (new) travelers who explore my worlds and follow my guest book."

The "engine" of elemental magic is the Aqi Talúsix. Thanks to Emily Armstrong, for her article of Whey Lines, which inspiered me to wrote this piece. My article contains a small sketch of me. I would have liked to draw more, but there just wasn't enough time for that.

Do you know the Berlinale or the international circus festival? This is nothing compared to the Shíshomkùs-Laí . This article was one of the mentioned exceptions and simply a must for me as a fan of silhouette films and earlier own paper cuts.

Even as a child, I read a lot that was somehow related to history. On my first website (unfortunately no longer in the ether since Wikipedia) everything revolved around the advanced cultures of this world. So check out the Sumerians if you're a history buff too.

It wasn't until I was developing the Guild of Enki's crest that I realized that it was no coincidence that I unconsciously chose this god. My husband and I are both earth signs and the animals of Enki are our favorite animals, which are also featured on our family crest and are part of a hand-painted family tree I gave my husband for our wedding.


My favorite articles from the community:

"It's crazy? How can you only choose 9 articles from 42 requests with 11,526 great entries? I have therefore selected 4 requests / topics that I have not answered myself and about which I have hardly or not yet written any articles . This will hopefully change soon."



A useful plant found in a wild area of your world

Coppertrace Vines
Species | Jul 19, 2023

A plant that grows wild and flourishes when there's a high concentration of copper in the soil -- it sends roots incredibly deep, and thus is used as a method of locating copper deposits for mining operations.

These small grapes, which are a bit reminiscent of tomatoes, are excellent indicator plants for the search for important metals. If, like me, you live in an area where mining has played an important role for centuries, you would certainly wish for such a plant that could not only provide food, but also make life easier for the miners in an environmentally friendly way. Thank you Stormbrill for taking a completely different approach with your little plant, making this article unique.
The Chrono Orchyd
Species | Jul 22, 2023

"As shafts of sunlight pierced through the lush canopy, illuminating the path ahead, I stumbled upon a hidden clearing blanketed with vibrant foliage. And the Chrono Orchid, resplendent in its majestic beauty, beckoned me closer with its ethereal glow"

Please don't be put off by the word count of this article! This is a great idea about a plant that can manipulate time. Krayvuk touched on a lot of interesting points in his article here that I would never have thought about when "inventing" a plant. Thank you for the many inspirations and the great article.
Species | Jul 23, 2023

Freja82 wrote an adorable article about a flower that seems to have a consciousness of its own. She details the harvesting of the plant's nectar and seeds with gentle poetry. Thank you for this inspirational gem.

In addition, I would like to recommend the following articles, which all have their own charm and it would be a shame if you missed reading this:
- Starshroom by themrbeasley about glowing mushrooms whose caps symbolize the starry sky.
- Fabiana Flores by RandoScorpio about a strange plant that makes you wonder if it's a fungus or a flower or both.
- Sunblooms by SyntaxChick on a versatile climber closely linked to the Kajuzurie culture.



A cuisine from a sparse, barren or remote region of your world

Naglovian Cookery
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 11, 2023

If you live in Naglovia and still need a menu, check out this great article from Tonarus. At the same time, you will also be offered suitable drinks that could round off the menu. I think it's great that the important ingredients and the preparation are briefly described here so that you get a good sense of whether you want to try it yourself.
Phytozoa Culinary Arts
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 18, 2023

If this cooking class really existed, I might be the first to sign up for it. Ecl1psed has written a wonderful and fascinating article on preparing carnivorous plants here. At the same time, care was taken to ensure that not only the animal but also the vegetable parts are used for the preparation after perfect separation, so that nothing is wasted.
Greymarsh Menu
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 31, 2023

The great thing about RandoScorpio's article is the listing and explanation of the individual dishes of Greymarsh cuisine for morning, noon and evening, which gives us a good insight into the daily routine of the residents. In addition, I find it very successful that the important ingredients were described in the sidebar of the article, which does not "overload" the article and still conveys important information to the reader.

If you want to make further culinary discoveries, I can recommend the following articles, which were also interesting in terms of taste:
- Mayab Cuisine by Kefkejaco invites you into the exotic world of a Mayan/Aztec cuisine garnished with a few words of the indigenous languages.
- Snake´s Den Skewers by Kwyn Marie shows you an interesting way of gathering, storing and transporting food that has been spiced up with a pinch of magic.
- Brachyur Culinary Arts by Riverfang artfully interweaves the Brachyur way of life, which had a crucial influence on the development of nutrition, with the food culture.


A historical figure still venerated today, and why

Blatikuski, The Prophet of Blati.
Character | Mar 3, 2024

The Prophet of Blati, the Avatar of Abbon Shabai himself , the person whose preaching marks the way people count years in Yeia.

What a great article Callyxtus wrote here about a prophet who is the incarnation of a god of the Ikarian religion and performed many miracles. In addition, the "wonderful" article was refined with a medieval illustration and beautiful quotes that makes you become a believer. Definitely read!
Thoven Chorter
Character | Apr 13, 2024

Thoven Chorter the bard, master of the Common language wrought tales of tales of adventure and heroism that inspire even today.

What's great about this article is that it's about a literary hero. In this article, Tlcassis focuses mainly on the achievements of Chorter's life's work and only briefly mentions important stages in his life. At the end you can expect a small scene from his life that makes you want to find out a lot more about this person.
Rombalion Skinpeeler
Character | Aug 18, 2023

The Skinpeeler is perhaps the most well known elf in Noria in the orcish memory. His sacrifice saved reality, even if only orcish legends now remember him.

An elf worshiped by orcs, that's what I call interesting and unexpected. Ninodonlord has told a very nice story here, slowly describing the rise of the elf, which unfortunately ends in tragedy. Although he omits important dates from Rombalion's CV, one does not feel as if something has been missed. On the contrary, this even supported the flow of reading.

If you are looking for more inspiration for extraordinary personalities who have changed their worlds, I also recommend:
- Castellian Harlscurl by Yerran about a hero who fulfills a prophecy and ends in tragedy.
- Erenas by Kefkejaco about an unexpected king who still has a great influence on his people even after his death.
- Hypocritia von PrippyMontyPoppyCock about a person who hasn't stuck in people's minds for their achievements.


A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe

The Story of Anvil
Myth | Jul 30, 2023

While this article is certainly out of competition, please please please read it by everyone. I don't want to give too much away, but what Dimitris wrote here brought me to tears.
The penitent demons and the stone-hearted dragon
Myth | Jul 31, 2023

Pa_kalsha shows us a wonderful, different myth in the world of Núreth, full of little unexpected twists. The reader is shown the fatal consequences of greed in an impressive way, but also redemption through reparation.
Of Abzu and Tiamat
Myth | Aug 1, 2023

Summerhawk wrote a great article here about the union of freshwater and saltwater, dividing them and creating the world of Ashlands. Certainly a myth that you would expect from this prompt, but the poetic tone of the text, which is somewhat reminiscent of biblical texts, is really well done.


A special thank you and attention

I would like to thank all readers who really read this article to the end for their attention. It was a real pleasure for me to get to know all your worlds (even better) and I'm already looking forward to the next reading challenge. Finally (you made it right away) a special thank you to:

Kummer Wolf, who picks up many interesting articles and introduces new worlds with his weekly "What I'm Reading! Issue" and his journey through the WA universe.

Strixxline, who not only captained CampFeral during this SC, but has also supported many users with her weekly readings on her Twich account.

Krayvuk, whose world has provided Konran with so many inspirational and imaginative articles throughout SC that I keep coming back. And to anyone looking to win WorldEmber with the highest word count this year, I think you'd need to brace yourself because this is a hot contender for the throne.

Cover image: Sandcastle in colors of Summer Camp 2023 by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage


Author's Notes

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, during this reading challenge, there were some users who advanced to a higher WA level. This resulted in me not being able to add likes or comments to some articles. If you belong to one of these users, please check your settings under Display and Global Options. And if you want your articles to arouse the interest of your readers even more, I recommend ticking the "Header Display" box if you have modified the original WA image.

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BIG congratulations on finishing your first Summer Camp and reaching your goal!   I also felt I really suffered from missing a lot of the foundation/framework, leading to a lot of placeholder names and dates that I'll likely have to revisit and fix later, so I definitely feel you on that point.   And thanks for featuring your favorites among your submissions and why, made me go and reread them. Both of your worlds are fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing what you write for them in future. :)   Last but not least: great list of reading recommendations! Have added a few of them to my own list to check out now.

Aug 15, 2023 15:24

It's so nice of you to leave a comment here. I know you faced some difficulties and I admire you for reaching your goal. Take your time and feel hugged by me.

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Aug 15, 2023 17:10 by GM Drake

Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I'm glad we both had such a great first Summer Camp! Here's to an awesome World Ember and more!

Aug 15, 2023 18:06

It was a pleasure for me ;-).

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This is a beautiful article, you write very well and your formatting is amazing. Great job!!

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Thanks yo much for the feature and congrats for reaching Copper! I cant wait to see what the next months bring in Elaqitan :)

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Aug 16, 2023 23:34

Congrats on reaching copper, and with an extra two articles at that! A lot of good articles on your list, including your own. I sure do appreciate you featuring more than the required nine, helps my grow my own reading list! Thanks for mentioning me in there too.   Not my first summer camp, but first time participating in the reading challenge. It has been so much fun seeing what other people here are up to, and I too look forward to the next! Happy reading!

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Aug 24, 2023 05:33

Thank you and it was a pleasure for me, to read your published articles under these prompts. And I have to agree, there were so much good articles and I will use some of the recommendations of others for my own readinglist ;-).

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Aug 26, 2023 06:07 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

Your articles are beautiful and interesting - you should be proud of your accomplishments this Summer Camp! And thank you so much for the call out - Thoven is much obliged for the recommendation!

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Thank you for this lovely comment and your welcome, it was nice to meet Thoven :).

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Thank you so much for the inclusion and the kind words! <3 Big congratulations on achieving your goals during SC, and good luck with the continued and ongoing ones as well. You've got this!

Aug 28, 2023 15:54

Thank you for your nice comment. It´s always a pleasure to read your awesome articles.

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