The Evgen Sea

Written by FirethornDragon

The Evgen Sea is the sea between The Mystical Sea and The Cyies Ocean. It is where the Neros - EN island lays and the capital Kheru - EN. Izea - EN lays in The Evgen Sea also.   The Evgen Sea is not as dangerous as The Mystical Sea but it has storm seasons. The sea can sometimes look a little red from The Cyies Ocean. Because the water drags into The Evgen Sea. Many people travel through The Evgen Sea all the time. It because most of the merchants and travelers travel to Kheru - EN to buy their wine.   Guardians travel through the sea all the time for their job. Because you can´t take portals in most of the parts of Aurin that are close to The Cyies Ocean and because the Brenox Culture don´t allow portals everywhere in their countries. So, they have to take a ship over The Evgen Sea and The Cyies Ocean. Some of them even patrols The Evgen Sea. Because of the pirates and smugglers that sail through The Evgen Sea.   A lot of magical creatures live in The Evgen Sea. Most of them are fish. There is some corals in The Evgen Sea too. But there is no winged wasp snakes in the ocean. And no giant squids in The Evgen Sea either. It is not deep enough for them, and the water is almost always between hot and cold. Most of the people that live close to The Evgen Sea don´t have to worry about some creature in the sea trying to eat them. But they must worry about the storm seasons. But that don´t stop the travelers to travel through The Evgen Sea anyway.   The Evgen Sea is also the closest sea to The Oarion Bay. Jahix travel through The Evgen Sea all the time to visit their brothers and sisters across the sea. And it also the safest sea to travel through in Aurin. It don´t have the dangers of The Mystical Sea. And it don´t have the pirates as The Cyies Ocean has. It is because most of them will try to travel the other way around to avoid The Mystical Sea. And Guardians patrol The Evgen Sea because they of the smugglers and pirates and outlaws that try to visit Kheru - EN to outrun the law. And they know they need to catch them before they get to Kheru - EN. That makes The Evgen Sea one of the safest seas to travel through in Aurin.   And most only travel through The Evgen Sea because of Kheru. They like the wine from the Gatiro beery and the change to not worry about the law. Many pirates seek refuge there before they keep on traveling through The Cyies Ocean. The Evgen Sea is in the middle and because of that most people travel across The Evgen sea instead if they need to travel through Aurin. Most people take the ferries from The City of Croydon to Ilrny - EN and then they travel through The Oarion Bay, then across The Evgen Sea. It is the easiest way to avoid The Mystical Sea. And then they can either travel to the other part of Aurin or down through The Cyies Ocean.
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