winged wasp snakes

Written by FirethornDragon

The winged wasp snakes are not fun to meet, but if you can find their nest it can make you rich. You just need to find them before they find you.
  The winged wasp snakes are a creature that looks like small snake with wasp wings, and a sting in the back. The head looks like a snake. Most think that the poison from their fangs is what will kill you, but it is their sting from their back. The winged wasp snake’s skins are of a reptile with water resistant wings. Its skin is bright blue, so it easily blends in with the sea and their wings is transparent. The winged wasp snakes lay their eggs in the sand in the bottom of the sea. Like bees they have one queen and a lot of workers, but they don't create honey. They create a type of small round hard bright yellow stones that are sweet like honey. They are hard on the outside but soft on the inside. This yellow stone is called The Ocean Syrup. And is an expensive trade object. It is used in cooking, some drinks and even candy. You can melt it and use it like a drizzle over pastries or bread or in other types of food. Some even uses it in their tees or coffee.   Despite the winged wasp snakes being a common creature, they are hard to find. Like, really hard to find. Some build their nest close to the shore and some build their nest long out in the sea. They only fly up above the surface if there are being threatened. That means if you accidently step on their nest, or you poke on it. Or a fish or squid are trying to dig after their nest.   That what makes it difficult to find them if you’re not a very skilled water mage who can dive and swim. And not allergic to the winged wasp snakes. The creature is not deadly to a person who is not allergic to their poison. But it makes you paralyzed for a couple hours, and that paralyzing is what kills you. Because the winged wasp snakes build their nest under water in the sand. And if you are not a skilled water mage or even an air mage you defiantly die either from drowning or because another creature showed up if you are not close to the shore.   The problem is not only that the winged wasp snakes build nest long or deep down in the sea, they only build nest out in The Mystical Sea. And that sea is not an easy one to get through and the waves can get high during the storm seasons. Many people try to avoid traveling through The Mystical Sea. Some of the creature that lives in that sea are more than people know and most of them don´t won´t to dive into it to try to find winged wasp snakes. It sounds like a recipe for disaster.   Despite that there are people that are desperate enough to try or greedy enough to do it. Smugglers and traders have tried. Most of them that succeed and don’t get killed, sell it on the black marked also known as the Bronzeford Biblioteket (Bronzeford Library) in Gigarzia. On the black market they can sell it for about fifteen gold coins, per Ocean Syrup. It’s like finding gold. The more you find the more you get paid.   That is what drives people to hire or steal a ship and try to find the winged wasp snakes. It because of the money they can get from doing it. But some people actually work with finding the winged wasp snakes. They sell it by the regular market or to people that creates drinks or food from the Ocean Syrup. But they don't dive into The Mystical Sea. No, they are not stupid enough to do that!   Instead they have collected a colonization of bees and let them live in The Mystical Sea by the shore where they can take care of them and collect their yellow round stones. The winged wasp snakes live on average up to two months. The queen lives sometimes up to two and a half months. Winged wasp snakes eat small bugs that lives in the sand of the bottom of the sea.   They are small when they first are born but get bigger after a few days. They queen is the smallest one of them all and her skin is not bright blue like the rest. Its green, dark green. The queen can easily be mistaken for seaweed if you’re not careful enough.   If the queen dies the rest of the winged wasp snakes most either get a new queen fast before they notice anything or they need to be part of a different colony. If they don´t get a new queen or join another colony, they die. They winged wasp snakes hide under the sand in the sea because there are a lot of bigger fish that likes to eat them. Even smaller squids. They really like the Ocean Syrup that they make and tries to steal it more than once every now and then.   If you happen to get stung by winged wasp snakes and you are allergic. First, I hope you are close to the shore. Second, I hope you have someone with you, and a portal close or an experienced healer with you. You have about thirty minutes before you are dead, because then the venom from the winged wasp snakes have gotten to your heart, and when it does it stops beating. But if they get you to an portal, they should either teleport you to Wenekadi or Chegva. They have the most experienced healers of all Aurin. They will treat you where you got stung and prepare an antidote. The same goes if you have an experienced healer with you. But they may only have time to treat the place you got stung and try to get the poison out of you and make and antidote out of that. Then you pray that you survive and never get stung again. And if you survive you should be taken to a Wenekadi or Chegva where they can observe you for a couple of days.
The Mystical Sea
Two months
Average Height
30 cm
Average Length
40-45 cm
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: The Mystical Sea by Charlotte.S


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