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The Galaxy At Large

the Wheel Galaxy is connected to many other Crystal Spheres and their inhabitants via the encompassing swirling mists of the Ethereal Plane. It is here within the Wheel Galaxy, in the second quadrants Almega Sector, that the Sigma Star System can be found. This system sits close to the Fractured Rim, a place of destroyed proto-planets and dense asteroids where the glistening crystalline city of Reverie Coil was built.  

The City of Crystals

Ruled by the Everlasting Queen, and subsequently visited by those capable of some form of space flight, the once desolate and oppressed remains of Borovia have reformed into a thriving land connected by brilliant bridges of pink striated crystals. The citizens of this city consider themselves lucky to be alive, and gladly help the Queen watch for the oncoming storm that has begun to threaten all of Wild Space.  

The Blue Sphere

Made mostly of water, and sitting as the fourth planet in the Sigma System, the world of Asyur is home to the system's main world of civilized life. It is here that most races can be found as they vie for power and global dominance. The planet had three moons, but as of c.-3000A.E. the third moon has vanished, leaving only Moonmus and Minmus as the planets natural satellites.

An Aging World

The world of Asyur is rather old, many of its continents have had time to settle, polar ice caps have mostly melted creating vast seas and drowning some civilizations according to old records. The caves are vast and deep, with crystals and ores pushed to the surface. Forest have been allowed to grow old and large for eons (before recent events) and many are still vast, dense, and filled with overgrown ruins, lost temples, and hidden cultures. The deserts are arid and worn smoothed or flattened with time. There are three known major landmasses that make up the civilized world: Adlak, Veluntia, and [Redacted].

The Civilized World

The civilized world has only begun rather recently comparatively to the length of the races that have inhabited the world. For untold eons, the world was ruled by the only supernatural race, the Dragons. After a great rebellion, known as the Great Hunt the beast would be forced to their homes in the Sea of Elements. After natural evolution was able to progress with humans and dwarves, the Great Convergence would see the galaxy taken from its natural place and merged with the supernatural planes of existence that had always run parallel to the natural Prime Material Plane. Afterward this great event, the world was ruled by the Alyieds, invaders from the Feywild. Finally, after another great rebellion, Man would take their rightful, natural place as rulers of the world. It was at this point that the world began to move away from supernatural practices like magic and towards more natural ideas like iron working.   It is because of the Great Conjoining that cities, kingdoms, settlements, and enclaves of nearly every sentient race can be found somewhere on some content of the world.  

The Primal Continent

The most southern continent is that of Veluntia. It is here that the great and powerful supernatural civilization of Dragons can be found. Survivors from the Great Hunt that ruined their eon long reign, this heavily oppressive empire seeks to reinstate the global rule of the dragon. Because of this, they have made enemies with nearly every civilized race, and every non-civilized race on their continent.   It is also on this continent that one can find tribes of Tabaxi, Yuan-Ti, Drow, and Lizardfolk. At one point in time before the Great Convergence this land was home to a primal civilization of humans, focused heavily on religion of blood and fire and stone, but it fell long before the arrival of the other supernatural races, and now only great ruins remain buried by dirt and trees and time.  

The Tall Continent

The continent of Adlak is the most northern major landmass. Here many of the worlds tallest mountains can be found in the Spine of the World, but so too can be found the worlds deepest crags and pits like the Themmit Rift. Many civilizations call this land their home, from the humancentric Dalelands who have spread far and wide to other lands, to the last remaining Alyied forest and empire of Cormanthyr. It is also here that the great citadel of Thurdath lies buried, acting as the last bastion of the natural race of Dwarves. Far to the north of this land is the Frigid Wastes, where goblinkind was first encountered and resided, until only recently (c.4100) during the burning the Wild Planes and the setting up of the Phisij Empire.   This land is home to some of the world's first organized religions, and as such many places are considered holy or sacred by one culture or another. This has translated into the dominant religion of the lands, the Prime Pantheon, which encompasses many 'lesser' religions like Druidism, the Gnomish, Elvish, and Dwarven Pantheons, as well as introducing human created deities and powers known as Saints.  

The Continent of Flowers

The most central continent [Redacted] enjoys constant warm weather and seasonal showers known as monsoons. Because of the constant sun and water, the land is in an eternal state of life, with both flora and fauna displaying vibrant colors and variations only found on this landmass. Mostly home to nomadic tribes of humans, the land has gone untouched for thousands of years.   Any stone structure or long-lasting wooden building is most likely a remnant from one of the world's Global Powers that once was able to claim possession of the entire (then) known world. It is possible to distinguish the different powers from their architecture and layouts. Sadly, this land is not at peace, as it is once again under the rolling might of a power greater than it, the Aekmorian Dynasty lead by the greatest military mind of the current age, Enzo Rico.

A World at War

The basic need for food and water and shelter always expands to the need for land and infrastructure of the community. Because of this, the world has nearly always known some form of bloody conflict between neighbors.   On the current world stage, the most powerful civilization is that of the humancentric Dalelands. This democratic empire controls vast amounts of goods, dictates much of the world's naval trade, and has been championed as the guardians of good from many different evils that have faced the world, from the old and ancient Blathspawn to the more recent Green Scourge. This does not mean however that tensions on the continent are calm, in fact, the neighbors of the Dalelands, like Thurdarth and the Phisij Empire, would love nothing more than to take the lands and resources for themselves.   Beyond that though, the Third Admer Empire of Dragons has constantly made trouble for everyone through naval and aerial raids thanks to their flying cities of stone and magic. Recently the empire has brought the last free tribes of Tabaxi into their folds, forcefully and completely annihilating their sacred homelands in the Gellar Mnt. Range.   Though rumor has it that none of the empires of the world compare to the growing might of the Aekmorians. Vowing vengeance on the world, and a promise to conquer it, Enzo Rico seems to be on the fast track to this very goal.

A World of Exploration

With the world having known many Global Powers, and three have been in recent memory of some races, the world is littered with ruins and lost knowledge of forgotten projects. Both below and above ground, some of these ruins lay beneath catacombs of ancient churches or build high in mountain castles. The recent (c.4125) destruction of the Fides has sparked another age of piracy and searching the watery depths for remains of sunken treasure fleets whose gold has never been found.   The call to adventure is high and always has been in the world. As such, the oldest and most prominent Guild of Boots-and-Steel has halls around the known world.

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Continent of Adlak