Tessa Howard Edison

The Everlasting Queen (a.k.a. Gunny the Gun God)

"Gunny the Gun God... Hmm. Yes I like this name. I think I shall keep it."
— Tessa upon first meating Conrad

Holy Prayers

Holy Rites


The clergy of Gunny was set up c.4120 by pirate lord Conrad and consisted of other pirates and convicts and was spread to local islanders inhabiting the Pirate Isles. The religious order is led by women oracles who conduct various rituals for those who visit, for a fee.

Clerical Training

Clerics of Gunny are trained with firearms as opposed to swords or bows.


Temples to Gunny are built on large stone struts incase of island flooding. The structures are rectangular and contain only a few rooms.

Divine Domains

Firearms, Technology

Minor Domain(s)

War, Explosives, Smithing, Space-Travel


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Born to a large human family in Daggerford, Tessa Howard Edison would spend much of her life dealing with second hand supplies and clothes well-used by her older brothers and sisters. While in Daggerford, Tessa would find herself friends with a local member of the Timber's clan of gnomes whom were the first to notice her aptitude for working metals.   With their sponsorship Tessa was sent to school in Carcino, where she was trained by the best smiths of the Royal Academy and the Hammer-and-Anvil Guild. It was during this time that she discover the journal of a master artificer and known mad-man. Slaving over the forge and the manuscripts, Tessa would uncover a hidden page in one of the manuscripts, stuck together with blood to form one page, it reveled information about a revolutionary firearm: a flintlock pistol with the capability to fire up to six shots in quick succession. To her amazement, Tessa had discovered the blueprints for the world's first revolver.   The next day Tessa would inform her instructors at the Capital University, and with their permission would depart for Castle Angrath and the former home of John Dimes - the mad artificer. After a three-month journey west on boat, she would arrive to the castle and the greater community of Angrath. Eventually she would track down the previous home of the inventor, and purchasing it, would spend the next six-months working the forge of the exiled smith and reading and re-reading his manuscripts well into the night.   It wasn't until one sleep-deprived night that she tripped over one of the floorboards, uncovering a small box and even more booklets pinned by the insane Dimes. After reading these newly founded texts, Tessa would spend years following in the trail of the exile, before finding herself in a distant trading village called Hommlet, where the trial had gone cold.

Early Adult Life and Career

After making sure her affairs in Angrath were in order, Tessa returned to Carcino and finished out her two-year schooling, where she then departed and left for home. Returning back to Daggerford, Tessa would impress the local nobility with indoor plumbing, city-wide gas lighting, and mechanical repeating crossbows and the first mass-produced multi-shot flintlock pistols. By the age of 21 Tessa had become one of the wealthiest humans, and indeed one of the wealthiest nobles, to live in Daggerford.   During this time Tessa would find herself under the employment of the nobility of Daggerford, more specifically the Duchess Lady Camilla, and working alongside the local rouge and known thief and vagabond Mr. Sneakman. This employment would see Tessa traveling the Dalelands many times over, before eventually finding herself once again in the small community known as Hommlet, moving there with the Duchess and Mr. Sneakman after the marriage of the lord of Hommlet Rufus Brunel and Lady Camilla.


Tessa is a lesbian, whose first relationship was with Ezmerelda d’Avenir during the events of the campaign against Strahd von Zoravich.


Tessa was educated at the Capital University in a dual-program sponsored by the Royal Navy Academy but taught by the Hammer-and-Anvil Guild.
"A string of Curses for all who oppose you, oh mighty mine."
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
4065 70 Years old
Current Residence
Dark blue
Long sleek, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
135 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Known Languages
Common, Latin, Gnomish, Elvish, Abyssal
Tessa - Reverie Coil Teleportation Circle

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