The Mauve (/môv/)


Construction and Launch

The Mauve was constructed at the Wishing Towers at Reverie Coil , a large city built in the farthest asteroid belt of the Sigma Star System, and was launched from the Citadel of Fancy, the highest point in that city. Mauve is an Indomitable-class Orbus-spelljammer constructed by Tessa Howard Edison and her Tech-Wizards. The ship features a number of inventions and innovations unique to Tessa's ship designs: bio-neural circuitry (orbi-cluster, bio-crystal cables), astral aligner, LeyDar (modified LiDar to detect magical phenomena), and a plane-shift drive are only a few of the many technological advancements onboard the Mauve.


The mauve has taken part in many military drills and some scouting missions to nearby planets in the Sigma System. Primary Pamienope and it's one satellite.

The Singing Towers

While in orbit around Pamienope, the sensors detected a range of tall skinny towers that stood 12km (7.4mi). A ground team was sent to investigate that consisted of Ezmerelda d’Avenir. Her team would discover that the towers sing during seeming random intervals, increasing in frequency during mid-day and the last hours of light before twilight.

Physical Layout

The Mauve is a large crystalline structure taken from a massive geode, using teleporters to bring crew through the solid crystal walls. Because of this, and other technological marvels, the layout of the Mauve is highly irregular. This is the fact with the bridge is centralized in the center of the geode, supported by five large crystals that stick out from the inner walls. Beneath the bridge is weapons and security, with the Orbus weapons being above the bridge, contained in a oneway crystalline 'prison'. The Mauve has no windows, no incensions in the structure of the crystals, or any other modifications that would damage the natural crystalline structure of the ship.

Power Generation

The ship is powered by various crystalline structures that store starlight. A high-tech "fuel scoop" allows the Mauve to orbit a star and scoop generous amounts of starlight in one single 'gulp'.   This starlight is consumed by the Orbi-cluster, a group of Orbus who have given total loyalty to Tessa, who then, in turn, asked her Tech-Wizards to construct a dais that would hold them and protect them for as long as the ship and Tessa's power remained.


The Mauve uses engines never before seen in the crystal spheres. Patented by Tessa and her Tech-Wizards, the Orbi-cluster propels the Mauve by violently mixing starlight and void magic (dark energy) in a massive chamber towards the stern of the ship.

Weapons & Armament

The Mauve is outfitted with powerful psionic weapons controlled by Tessa and her Tech-Wizards in battle but created by the Orbi-Cluster, which creates massive pulses of energy around the ship and its air-envelope like a heartbeat. In addition, the ship is outfitted with crystal-focusing structures, allowing the pulses to be channeled through large, complex structures out into the greater cosmos.   In combination with the psionic weapons, there are two forward flack-cannons that fire shards of amethyst-crystals mined from various asteroids that surround Reverie Coil.

Armor and defense

The Mauve is made of a large geode, and as such the outer layer of rock and crystal offers a massive boon to armor and defense, allowing the Mauve to be turned into a ramming vessel of moderate effect.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Mauve and all of Tessa's ship designs use subspace transmissions that bypass the normal EM interference. The device allows for nearly instantaneous communication at distances that would otherwise require more time to traverse.


The term sensor is also referred to aboard more technological vessels as subspace sensors or sensor probes, whereas aboard more magical vessels as feeling or scrying. Mechanical sensors are used to refer to any device that can be used to scan, record, or otherwise observe any aspect of the environment around the vessel, space station, or person. This means any simple device like a camera or Geiger-counter, or as complicated as the devices used to scan many aspects of the various matter types and energies of space and its anomalies and stellar bodies, subspace, time, and these things in other dimensions or 'rifts' that make up all of the known existence.

Sensor Probe

The term 'sensor probe' was used for sensors designed for probing. It uses molecules that report the presence of specific ions, molecules, or molecular events in vitro or in cells by communicating a measurable signal, displaying all of this on a light-based readout aboard the vessel.

Specific Sensors

Sensors of various types play roles in almost every aspect of travel, even more so in space. Every type of sensor from nav-sensors to onboard automatic emergency response systems (fire extinguishers), creates data to be interpreted by Mauve's bio-neural computer and the Orbi-cluster and operators. In most situations, the sensors give information that would otherwise not easily be accessible, such as looking out a viewport. The Mauve is also equipped with various hi-resolution and multi-spectral sensors, also linked to the ship's readouts, as well as the main view-port itself, which doubles as a massive light-based display. True windows are a weakness in structural integrity, instead, Mauve's windows are all real-time digital readouts using quantum-entangled sensors that monitor the air envelope (and further) around the ship.   There are two basic types of sensor arrays employed on the Mauve: active and passive. A passive scan is less intrusive than an active scan, however, a passive scan's readouts won't be noticed unless constantly monitored. Sensors are then divided further into short-range and long-range and deep-range types, and low-energy and high-energy types.

Other Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Magnetic
  • Various Spectrometers
  • Radiometers (visible, infrared, thermal infrared, microwave, x-ray)
  • Imaging Radiometers
  • Hyperspectral Radiometers
  • Spectroradiometers
The Crystalline Destroyer
"To Tread the Edge of the Cosmic Light and Dark"
55 feet ± 2.1 feet
100 feet ± 0.6 feet
40 feet ± 1.9 feet
6.1×10¹⁰ kg (assumed)
30.73 ms/s
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Can hold 64 metric tons of excess material


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