The orbus is either a genetically bred or a stunted and immature form of the standard beholder. It is only found in space aboard the tyrant ships of the beholder nations. It is chalk-white and lacks functioning smaller eyes. The central eye is huge and vulnerable, occupying most of the upper body above a small, toothless mouth. This eye has the normal anti-magic properties but is milky white.   Despite their vulnerability, the orbi are the means by which the beholders travel through space. It is they that can funnel the magical energies of the other beholders into motive force – they are living spelljammer helms. There are 1-5 of them aboard any tyrant ship, and they are located closest to the hive mother, at the deepest point of the shell.   The orbi have their hit points distributed as common beholders: one-third for the central eye and two-thirds for the body. However, when attacking an orbus, 50% of the hits will strike the central eye, the remainder hitting the body.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution


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