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The Crystal Sphere designated Sigma-396-VB is home to the Sigma Solar System. For most of civilized history the races of man and mer have waged war, never stopping to think too hard about the night sky and their position within it. It was for this reason that most everyone believed that they they sat stationary at the center of the galaxy. It was not up until the Medieval-Reissuance Era's that the various races of Asyur did some thinking on where they sat in the cosmos.   This system has 10 planets, 5 terrestrial and 5 gaseous. The order of the Sigma System is as follows:
  1. Solis. The sun at the center of the Sigma System. Named after the god of the sun Pelor, and his Solar palace; Sol.
  2. Accuter. This terrestrial planet is the first planetoid in the Sigma System.
  3. Pamienope. The second terrestrial planet. It is believed that the surface of this world is covered with barren rock and red hot lava spewed from gargantuan volcanoes. It has one natural satellite called Pomie.
  4. Tacitus.
  5. Asyur. The fourth terrestrial planet, also known as the Blue Sphere, this planetoid has two natural satellites called Moonmus and Minmus respectively. It is also home to most of the Sigma Systems life forms, and all of the systems native terrestrial life.
  6. Caccioppoli.
  7. Enkilia.
  8. Liu.
  9. Greyanides.
  10. Kopra.
  11. Lapus. The fifth gaseous planetoid and the last known planetoid in the Sigma System. It looks like the surface of a cloudy blue marble. It has many natural satellites.


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