Reverie Coil

Localized Phenomena

There is weather around Reverie Coil, consisting of strange clouds whom ripple with a purple/pink electricity.

Fauna & Flora

While the barren chunks of rock sit and float mostly lifeless, they are not completely so. With the town of Fancy on the largest chunk, many races of many various realms would try to plant many different plant species. Few if any ever take in the hard rocky soil, and even fewer last more than a week, but one type of purple flower from the Far Realms seems to have taken a liking to the rocks. In just a few years it has spread to other floating islands, and can be seen growing out of the side of some rock formations. Strangely, it seems that when the first flower was planted, it was done so with seeds from a similar grass from the Farm Realms, of a yellow coloration.   When the valley was sent tumbling in all directions, some spires of the valley remained. These stone formations held much of the biological life that once filled the valley. Because of this, these spires are some of the most normal looking objects in the darkness, as they are covered with normal colored grass and trees of familiar shapes. Some even boast waterfalls that plummet into the unknowable darkness below.   The animals that call this border realm their home are usually twisted and malicious shades of their normal species, with not even dragons able to escape the corrupting essence of the darkness that fills the void.

Natural Resources

There are little to no natural resources that Reverie Coil can harvest or take advantage of, unless one counts the limitless seas of darkness - but who knows what lies out there.


The valley of Barovia was the oldest and best known of the Domains of Dread. Originally a location in a forgotten world of the Prime Material plane, the entire valley was transported to the Shadowfell by mists controlled by evil entities known as the Dark Powers. The realm was a prison for its darklord, the vampire Strahd von Zarovich, as well as the entire population of the valley.    Upon the true death of Strahd von Zoravich at the hands of Sneakman and Argynvost the Silvered One, the lands of Barovia broke apart and drifted through the shadowfell back to the material plane. Floating through the cosmos most of the chunks of the once famous valley became barren and devoid of life.    When Tessa H. Edison gained the darklords powers she allowed the entire population of the valley to return to their proper homes in Realmspace. However not all decided to leave, pledging themselves eternally to the new darklord of the fractured lands. Using the power of the wizard and darklord, Tessa was able to pull chunks of the original valley back to the edge of shadowfell. Here she and her followers would construct the dreaming city of Reverie Coil, on the border of the shadowfell and the prime material.


Many of those that come to Reverie Coil are not doing so out of tourism. Most are lost or wondering, and welcome the inns and taverns that dot the city of Fancy. Many adventures believe the lands to be ripe with treasure and power, but Tessa has forbade all unsanctioned exploration crews and adventuring parties, and none dare cross the Queen.


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