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4G Radiance Class Battleship

A Federation Navy warship class, designed and built by Envis Shipyards

The Fourth Generation Radiance Class Battleship was a class of battleship used by the Federation Interstellar Navy and manufactured by Envis Shipyards during the 40th and 41st centuries. The first ship of this class was constructed in 3993AC, with the final ship completed in 4000AC. Six ships of this class were constructed - through seven were initially planned, with the most famous being the FNS Eloise J. Clark. Each ship was named for significant historical figures in the Austran Space Navy prior to its assimilation into the Federation.   All of the ships constructed saw extensive action during the 2nd Galactical War, and at least one Radiance Class warship was present at the Fall of Avanor, the Battle for Anfieden, the Battle for Kandino, and the Battle of Moneyye. By the end of the war however, the only remaining ship of the class was the FNS Theodore Robertson, with all other ships being either destroyed in combat or scuttled.   Each ship of the class was armed with 64 missile launchers, 87 kinetic batteries, and 14 laser point defence guns, and in addition, could hold a single squadron of fighter and/or bomber craft. While a crew of approximately 1300 was the absolute minimum in order to crew a Radiance Class Battleship, optimally a crew of over 8,300 was required for it to operate at its maximum efficiency. The 2nd Galactical War would see Radiance Class Battleships operate at both ends of this scale, with the famed Eloise J. Clark even operating below the minimum at certain parts of the war.

Service History

  The Radiance Class Battleships were commissioned in two separate periods, with the Lucy S. Phillips, Theodore Robertson, and the Eloise J. Clark all being commissioned between 3993 and 3995AC. A 5-year gap would separate the three next vessels, with the Ebony Ponter, Jake A. Brown, and Brodie Fogarty all being commissioned in 4000AC, just over a year into the 2nd Galactical War.   Each of the Radiance Class Battleships would fight in a number of battles during the war, including some of the largest and most influential. The earliest battleship to be destroyed was the Lucy S. Phillips, which fought in the Fall of Avanor in 4003AC. Under the command of Captain Charlie Crown, it was one of the last Federation Navy vessels to fall during the battle. A final stand by the Phillips enabled the FNV Idealistic and FNS Anfiedaien and the supply ship FNNCS Gloria to escape the disaster at Avanor.   The next ship to fall in battle was the FNS Ebony Ponter, which, alongside several other naval vessels, engaged an Imperial Navy of Jerace task force. The Ponter narrowly escaped the battle, however, under threat of capture the crew elected to scuttle the vessel. The crew themselves jettisoned out of the vessel to a nearby planet, where they would later be captured by the Imperial Army of Jerace.   Both the Jake A. Brown and Brodie Fogarty would be involved in the Invasion of Iomhare. The Fogarty would fight in the Fall of Ophare, but under orders from Fleet Admiral Elaine J. Kyra, retreated to Anfieden to join the combined Federation force massing there. During the resulting Battle for Anfieden, both the Brown and Fogarty would be destroyed by Jeraci forces. Despite this, both ships performed admirably, destroying and damaging dozens of ships each, and taking the brunt of the Imperial Navy's attack.   The Eloise J. Clark was the last of the Radiance Class Battleships to be destroyed in battle, with an entire coalition of pirate groups uniting to defeat it. The pirates were seeking revenge for the Clark's service in the Lance Security Squadron. Despite a valiant fight, the Eloise J. Clark was destroyed in the resulting battle, and the crew were posthumously given the Federation Naval Medal of Valour. The Theodore Robertson was the only ship of the class to survive the 2nd Galactical War, and was scrapped nine years later in 4049AC.

Ships in Class

Name Classification Construction Commissioned Fate
Lucy S. Phillips FIN 2229 3990-3993 October, 3993AC Destroyed during the Fall of Avanor 
Theodore Robertson FIN 2230 3992-3994 December, 3994AC Scrapped in 4049AC
Eloise J. Clark  FIN 2231 3993-3995 March, 3995AC Destroyed by a large pirate coalition in 4039AC
Ebony Ponter FIN 2236 3997-3999 January, 4000AC Scuttled in 4017AC
Jake A. Brown FIN 2237 3998-4000 February, 4000AC Destroyed in 4034AC
Brodie Fogarty FIN 2238 3999-4000 March, 4000AC Destroyed in 4034AC
Ashleigh Ballard - - - Cancelled before construction began
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Author's Notes

Most of the names in this article are taken from members of the Adelaide Crows men and women's teams.

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