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FNS Eloise J. Clark


That damn ship did more work by itself in an anti-piracy role than most of our fleets ever did. Not to mention that they did it while overworked, undermanned, and undersupplied. Every man and woman on that ship deserves every bit of commendation I can grant, it is so horrible that they will not see out this conflict.  
- President George Whistle
  The Federation Navy Ship Eloise J. Clark (FIN 2231) was a 4G Radiance Class Battleship of the Federation Interstellar Navy's Lance Security Squadron during the 2nd Galactical War. It served as the flagship of the squadron for the majority of the war, until its destruction in 4039. It was armed with 64 missile launchers, 87 kinetic batteries, and 14 laser point defence guns, in addition, it could hold one squadron of fighter and/or bomber craft.   Built-in 3995 AC, by the Envis Shipyards, the Eloise J. Clark was immediately assigned to the Federation Naval Anti-Piracy Command. It was intended to serve as the flagship of the 2nd Anti Piracy Fleet after the Sean D. Spalding - a 1st Generation Ashari Class Battleship reaching the end of its operational lifetime, was decommissioned. Captain Edward Irby was granted the vessel, though as the flagship of the 2nd fleet, Rear Admiral Peter Renner often held overall command while he was on the battleship.  
The outbreak of hostilities in the 2nd Galactical War would see a huge reorganisation of Federation Naval assets. The vast majority of vessels belonging to the Anti-Piracy Command were redistributed throughout System Fleets, with the notable exception of the Eloise J. Clark. While vast numbers of ships and personnel were required for the war effort, naval officials recognised the importance of stationing a modern warship in an anti-piracy role. Several older vessels and ships were to support the Clark, most notably the Sean D. Spalding, the battleship that the Clark was initially slated to replace.   Many of the more senior officials of anti-piracy command would be transferred elsewhere, with Irby granted command of the newly formed Lance Security Squadron - a force consisting of ships both newly recommissioned and craft belonging to Anti-Piracy Command. At its peak, the squadron would command only 34 ships, a tiny portion of the overall strength of the Federation Navy during the opening decades of the 41st century.  
  Irby and the Eloise J. Clark performed admirably throughout the war, defeating many pirate groups, including the illusive and dangerous 'Lord Jerace'. Under the leadership of Irby, the Lance Security Squadron was able to contain vast amounts of space piracy during the largest war in Galactic history, even as it was undermanned, often outgunned, and ill-equipped. Tragically, while Irby was attending a Naval Conference on Envis about the conclusion of the war, the Clark, and the battlecruiser FNS Courageous Voyager, would be ambushed by a large collection of several pirate vessels and a battlecruiser of the Imperial Navy of Jerace. Despite a valiant fight, both Federation vessels would fall with all hands. The pirate vessels involved would be hunted down by the rest of the Lance Security Squadron, with the Jeraci battlecruiser later being destroyed by another Federation Navy task force.   Due to its fate, the Eloise J. Clark is often considered in popular culture a "2nd Enduring", in reference to the fate of the FNS Enduring, one of the most famed Federation Naval vessels in history, that suffered a similar fate to the Clark. In addition, the crew of both vessels were all posthumously awarded the Federation Naval Medal of Valour.
Federation Intersteller Navy by Blocky
Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets Branch
Federation Interstellar Navy
Federation Navy Anti-Piracy Division
Federation Naval Ship
Creation Date
September, 3995 AC
Destruction Date
February, 4039 AC
Owning Organization
255m (At Tallest Point)
1473km/h (Cruising Speed) | 22ly/m (Light Speed)
Complement / Crew
1,374 (Minimum) | 8,354 (Optimal)
Missile Weaponry
48 FNMDS-37A
16 FNMDS-37B
Kinectic Weaponry
43 FNKLB-931
29 FNKLB-441A
15 FNKLB-446C
Laser Point Defence Weaponry
Fighter & Bomber Capacity
1 Squadron


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