Master of Whispers

The Master of Whispers is the foremost authority in intelligence gathering in the kingdom. They are not only responsible of gathering information on enemies and allies of the kingdom but also keep a hand on the pulse of the criminal underbelly within the kingdom itself. They are also responsible for all counter intelligence operation for the kingdom. Those who hold this title are nothing short of the most cunning in all the realm. Extremely intelligent and calculating. Those who bear this title are not to be trifled with.


A very special skill set is required for this position.


Citizenship of the kingdom.


Appointment is granted by the Two Kings based upon the recommendation of members of the Royal Council.


Intelligence and counter intelligence operations within and outside of the kingdom.


Maintain network of spies and informants, gather information on all possible threats to the kingdom, disseminate false information to spies from other realms whilst ensuring they believe the information to be accurate.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As decreed by the Two Kings if found guilty of crimes against the realm.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
Two Kings
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement
Reports directly to
Related Locations


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