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High Mage

The High Mage of the kingdom is responsible for all matters of the arcane for the kingdom. They are experts in their craft and one of the most powerful mages in the world.


In order to attain this position, one must first be a graduate of the Lazurite Academy and be the most powerful mage in the realm aside from the mages within the Lazurite Academy.


Must have attained ascendance into the 5th Circle in the Lazurite Academy, have been granted their 5th Ring, and be recommended by the Arch Mage of the Lazurite Academy.


Appointment is made by the Two Kings, with the recommendation from the Arch Mage of the Lazurite Academy


Advise the Two Kings in all matters of the arcane, science, and academia.


Coordinate relations between the Royal Court and the Lazurite Academy, foster the development of institutions of learning within the realm, send those with magical talent to the Lazurite Academy for learning and instruction, conduct scientific and magical research for the kingdom, maintain all magical defenses of the castle and the city of Masgala, as well as the magical items and relics used by the Royal Court.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As decreed by the Two Kings if found guilty of crimes against the realm
Civic, Professional
Source of Authority
The Two Kings and the Lazurite Academy
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement
Reports directly to
Related Locations


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