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High Justicar

The High Justicar is the final word of law within the realm. They are to judge the innocent and guilty. It is the Justicar who presides over all cases of great import and significance to the realm.


Served as Judge within the kingdom for no less than 10 years.


Expert in interpretation, explanation and application of the law and all matters thereof.


The High Justicar is appointed by the Two Kings with the recommendation of the current High Justicar.


The Justicar is the final word of the law within the realm. It is their duty to place judgement upon those accused of crimes against the realm in particular. The Justicar presides over high profile cases of crimes against the realm and any cases regarding an accusation of crimes against the realm from a member of the Noble Houses and the Royal Court in particular.


The High Justicar must study the law, aid in the writing of new laws at the behest of the Two Kings or The Hand.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Removal is accomplished by decree of the Two Kings, The Hand of the Two Kings, The Voice of Commons or the Assembly of the Royal Court.
Civic, Professional
Alternative Naming
High Judge
Source of Authority
The Two Kings
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement.
Reports directly to
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