Master of Coin

The Master of Coin is the treasurer for the kingdom. It is their burden to deal with all matters of finance for the kingdom.


Member of one of the Noble Houses of the realm.


Expertise in balancing a budget and training under the prior Master of Coin for no less than 5 years.


As decreed by the Two Kings based upon the recommendation of the current Master of Coins


Balancing of Royal Budget, allocating of funds to military, infrastructure, law enforcement, diplomatic relations, temples, courts of justice, defense, black book operations, boarder protection, druidic aid, science, academia and magical research. In addition, they are in charge of all tax collectors of the realm and must ensure all within the realm pay their dues. They also are in charge of the trade, import and export of goods as well as the figurehead for all local businesses within the realm.


Meetings with the merchant's guild, trader's guild, tax collectors, and Royal Court in addition to daily balancing of the royal budget.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Upon decree of the Two Kings if found guilty of crimes against the realm.
Civic, Professional
Source of Authority
Two Kings
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement
Reports directly to
Related Locations


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