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Grand Emissary

The purpose of the Grand Emissary is to be the face of diplomacy for the kingdom. When dealing with other foreign nations who have difficulty conducting proper negotiations, it is the Grand Emissary's job to peel away the bravado, stubbornness, posturing and lies until they are left with the truth: making a deal is always better than going to war.....especially with the kingdom. They act as cultural experts for the Two Kings and with their knowledge of all the languages of Arelia, their translator if needed.


Member of one of the Noble Houses.


Fluent in all languages, customs and cultures of Arelia, expert in negotiation techniques, temperament, patience, able to distinguish between a lie and truth.


As decreed by the Two Kings


Establish foreign relations with other nations of Arelia and policies regarding such matters.


Advise the Two Kings regarding the cultures of foreign nations, act as translator when required, aid in negotiations between the kingdom and foreign nations and advise the Two Kings on foreign relation policies.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As decreed by the Two Kings, The Hand of the Two Kings or the Voice of Commons if found to be guilty of crimes against the realm.
Civic, Diplomatic
Alternative Naming
Grand Diplomat
Source of Authority
Two Kings
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement
Reports directly to
Related Locations


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