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Master of the Hunt

Constantly on patrol, the Master of the Hunt is always on the prowl along the borders of the kingdom slaying beasts, monsters and anyone foolish enough to attempt to enter the kingdom through means that are not legal. They are the first line of defense against any who dare invade. It is they who will eliminate enemies before they set foot into the kingdom and should the enemy succeed, they will pay dearly for it.


Skilled in surviving in the wild, stealth, tracking, hunting (people and beasts), excellent aim and precision with a bow.


Citizen of the realm.


As decreed by the Two Kings with the recommendation of the Master Druid


Ensure the boarders of the realm are never crossed illegally by spies, criminals or assassins.


Recruit, train, and deployment of Rangers around the boarders of the kingdom to ensure it's safety.
Source of Authority
Two Kings
Length of Term
Reports directly to
Related Locations


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