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Master Builder

Responsible for all construction of infrastructure, defenses and assignments given by members of the Royal Court. The Master Builder is quite literally, a master of their craft. Often learning techniques and methods from other kingdoms and combining the best of them all.


The Master Builder must be the best engineer in the kingdom. Capable of using both mundane and arcane methods of construction and well as construction material. Completely versed in mechanics, mathematics, physics, alchemy and metallurgy.


The Master Builder must be a citizen of the realm.


Appointment is made by the Two Kings


The Master Builder is in charge of all construction efforts within the realm of great significance. This normally encompasses defensive construction efforts and infrastructure developments as well.


Plan out, over see the construction efforts of the realm and ensure the training, recruitment and allocation of builders of the realm.
Civic, Professional
Source of Authority
Two Kings
Length of Term
Lifetime or upon retirement
Reports directly to


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