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Rulers of a nation and protector of it's people and its land.


The title is hereditary however, those who will ascend to the throne are groomed in the arts of Leadership, Politics, Economy, War, Honor, Combat, Religion, Magic, Science, Several Languages, Traditions and Customs. All are taught when the Prince(s) or Princess(es) of the realm attain the age of 7 years old and they continue their education until they ascend to the throne and even then, do not stop learning. Should the current King have only sons, the eldest Prince shall ascend the throne. Should the King only have daughters, the eldest Princess shall ascend the throne. Should the King have both sons and daughters, the eldest child shall ascend the throne.


Blood relation to the current or former ruler.


The High Priest of the realm performs a ceremony after the Royal Court agrees by majority vote that the heir is worthy.


Protection of the people and the realm.


Making decisions requiring the approval of the Two Kings.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Crown of the People.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Voice of Commons, along with at least one other member of the Royal Court declare the King to be a traitor to the people, an investigation is launched. If found to be true, the King is removed from the Throne. During this time, The Hand of the Kings takes the role of the King until the investigation is completed and the King is placed under house arrest. If found guilty, punishment it decided by the Voice of Commons, High Justicar and the remaining King and the Hand of the Kings. The sentence is carried out immediately.
Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
The People and the gods.
Length of Term
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