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Samara the Enchantress

The Weaver, the Dreamer and the Judge

She Whose Heart Always Aches, Mistress of Mysteries and Secrets- Samara the Enchantress is the Goddess of Love, Knowledge and Justice. She is the patron saint of lonely lovers, of scholars burried deep in their desperate quest for the truth, graced by the words of poets and writers alike who write of her tragic stories.
— Introduction to Saohri Theology: Samara the Enchantress

Samara the Enchantress by Aijxjx

Origins and Myths

It is said that Samara was born from Matazel the Lonely's heart, a small blossoming bud of light and love at the start of the world, when it all was still and empty. She filled the Creator's heart with desire- desire to be less alone, to create, to have something or someone to love. Fire burned inside of him, and so He created the world and filled it with light and life, with power and beauty, and when time came for him to retire he gifted his creation all the love he had. Thus Samara was born.

Last to be born amongst the major gods, Samara came to life in a world already filled with mystery and life, a world waiting to be loved. She built herself a temple in the Sea of Dusk, where she might store all that she learned, and with the help of Deïmon the Bright she crafted her loom.

A particularly important myth concerning Samara tells the story of how the goddess lost her eyes. As she walked among the gardens of the Realm of Gods, Samara came upon a jackal with a silver tongue.

"Are you Samara, She Who Whispers Truths and Knows All Secrets?" asked the Silvered Jackal? "Indeed it is me", answered the goddess. Upon hearing these words the Jackal smiled. "You who knows all, have you ever seen what lies behind the Sun's veil? Would thy not wish to know this truth too? Tell me what you see, and I shall whisper you a secret no other creature knows."
— Extract from the Eyes of Samara

The challenge was issued, one Samara could not resist- she slipped into the chambers of the goddess, and trying to know the truth she lost her only way of seeing the world. The myth is one of the oldest of the Saohri mythos, as well as one of the most well known along side the tale of how magic came to the world.

Myths and stories concerning Samara and her adventures are numerous, and often tragic. She is a goddess favoured by poets and writers, who seemed to be drawn to her ever present hopefulness- no matter how many time the goddess gets played, hurt or betrayed, she always finds her way back to her initial joy and love of life, ready to trust once more. A theologian by the name of Quarill Ihon, circa 12 I.A, made the hypothesis that perhaps the repetition of sad narratives concerning the goddess trapped her in a state in which it became impossible for her to grow or change. It is one thing to tell tales of things that have happened, and a whole other to make up stories in which the goddess finds herself hurt once more. Instead, he suggested poets and writers should attempt to write happier stories about the goddess of love- a path which, apart from the unknown and forgotten Epic of the Lovers, has yet to be pursued.

Farewell, heart of mine, you have bled too much. I cast you away, may you be forgotten and bring me pain no more.
— Extract from the Betrayal of Samara, 47 I.A

Worship and Cult

Samara the Enchantress is the goddess of magic, keeper of secret and sacred knowledge. She most is worshipped by academics and mages, those who search for answers and the truths of our world. The temple of Claireveille, the largest holy ground dedicated to the Lover, is also the country's largest library. It spirals deep underground, and legend has it it holds a copy of every book ever made. Intellectuals from all over the Danatelian Lands travel to the city in hopes of exchanging, sharing and learning from the vast library.

Samara is also a popular goddess amongst those in love. It is she who listens to the laments of those unlucky in love, who is called to bless new weddings. It is she who gifted Habayan to mortals, and it is she whose name is invoked in please for mercy or compassion.

Beyond the typical kinds of offerings meant to be brought to gods (produce and wine of good quality, incense, etc...), it is common for worshipers to favour prayers and songs, spoken in the privacy of a prayer room, where one can liberate their heart of all burdens and speak the truth.

Names: Samara the Enchantress, the Weaver, the Lover, the Broken-Hearted, the Judge of Godly Affairs, and many other titles

Dedicated Town: Claireveille

Divine Symbol: A small circle from which eleven branches leave, each ended by a large round.

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Author's Notes

And here we go, the last god of the Saohri Faith! After WE is done, I'll update the first two I wrote about, now that I have a better of the global situation. If you enjoyed the read, feel free to leave a like and comment!

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